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Things that challenge my self-control #37

There are lots of things I should stop over-doing but I just can’t restrain myself. Today I’m gonna be talking about some of the things in which I have least self control. Maybe you also find something in common with me!

One: Shopping

I don’t come from a rich family, but that doesn’t stop my shopping obsession. Most of the time I shop not because I need something, but because it’s been a while since I bought a dress I’ll never wear.

A few months ago when I visited home, an old childhood friend wanted to meet me and came along for my shopping trip. He had no idea how girls shop! While talking to him, I checked out all the dresses and walked around the store more than five times. He asked me: “Umm… what are you looking for?” To which I replied honestly: “I don’t know!” It’s like searching aimlessly for your “love-at-first-sight”.

In the end, every time I buy some cute dresses that aren’t my size; some with no occasion to wear them; and others that will be forgotten after buying and stay in my closet forever. Every time, too, before buying anything else, I think ‘I should stop this nonsense’ – yet lose self-control as soon as another pretty dress catches my eye.

Two: Watching Videos

I’m exhausted from work. All I want to do is put on my pajamas, freshen up and eat something. Instead, I lay down in bed and start watching YouTube videos. After three hours of binging, I realize that I’m hungry and need to use the restroom—but not before one more video! This lie happens every day; it always ends with several more videos and hours wasted away. The same goes for watching series on my laptop. No matter what time it is—3AM or exam-day tomorrow or no sleep for three days—I can’t stop myself from watching one more episode.

Three: Social networking

I’m an active user of social networking sites. Often, this has had a negative effect on me. But I can’t help but waste my time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc. My Internet connection sometimes teases me: “Do you want to log off? Click yes for a life or no to eff yourself.” It’s no surprise what I choose every time.

Four: Acting weird around crush

I could have been a millionaire if I got a dollar every time I acted weird around my crushes. My inner self seems to come out in the clumsiest way when they’re around. I’m tongue-tied, clumsy and can’t do anything without looking stupid. The butterflies in my stomach won’t let me be calm when I see them!

Five: Preserving dessert for more than one day

I always have this issue and need help. Indians celebrate many festivals throughout the year, which means family gatherings and sweets! My relatives often fill my freezer with treats, making it hard to concentrate on work. It’s too tempting to keep them there—I’m going to eat them all today!

Six: Pimple popping

Puberty only gave me one gift: pimples. They know how to mess with my face like no other. Supernaturally, they seem to sense when I’m about to attend a wedding or party and pop up right in time. But what I can’t stand is the urge to pop them, which makes it worse and leaves a dark spot behind.
I try my best to resist the temptation, but I’m so weak. It’s like an addiction that I can’t control. My friends tell me to use natural remedies, but nothing works as good as a product from the store. Until then, I’ll just have to put up with these annoying pimples.

It seems like I master all the things that I should stop doing. 😐

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