Things that challenge my self-control #37

There are lots of things I should stop over-doing but I just can’t restrain myself. Today I’m gonna be talking about some of the things in which I have least self control. Maybe you also find something in common with me!

One: Shopping

I haven’t come from a rich family but that can not limit my shopping obsession. Most of the time I don’t go for shopping because I need something rather I go because it’s been a while I haven’t bought any dress that I’ll never wear. A few months ago when I visited my home a childhood friend of mine wanted to meet me. He accompanied me in my shopping. Now this guy had no idea how girls shop. While talking to him, I checked out all the dresses and walked around the store for more than 5 times. He asked me, “Umm… what exactly are you looking for?” I answered, ” I don’t know!” To be honest I never know what my eyes are searching for but after finding ” the right dress ” I just know that the dress is only for me. It’s like looking for your “love-at-first-sight” aimlessly. Anyway, everytime I end up buying some dresses that are too cute but not of my size, some dresses that I have no occasion to wear, some dresses that I will forget about after buying and they will stay in the closet forever. Everytime I think I should stop doing this nonsense but I lose my self-control the moment I come across a pretty dress.

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Two: Watching Videos

I’m back from office and super-tired. What I really need to do is putting on my pajama, freshen up and have some food. But what do I do? I lay down on my bed and start watching YouTube videos. After watching videos for 3 hours straight I realise that I am hungry, I need to go to washroom, I’ve still not changed but I will do it all after one more video! This is the lie I tell myself everyday and that one more video ends up after several more videos and hours of course.

Same with watching series on my laptop. No matter it’s 3 at night or I have an exam tomorrow or I haven’t slept for three days I can’t stop myself from watching one more episode.


Three: Social networking

I am a hyperactive user of social networking sites. Many a time I have found being adversely affected by this. But I just can’t control myself from wasting my time in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc. Sometimes my Internet connection mocks me saying, ” Do you wanna log off? Click yes to get a life, no to eff yourself. ” No wonder what I choose everytime.


Four: Acting weird around crush

I would have been a millionaire, if everytime I act weirdly around my crushes would get me a dollar. It’s like my inner self wants to come out in the clumsiest way possible in from him. I can’t talk, I can’t walk, I can’t do anything without looking stupid. I don’t know how to handle the butterflies in my stomach when I see crush!


Five: Preserving dessert for more than one day

I always have this issue and somebody needs to help me out. We Indians have a lot of festivals throughout the year and that means family gathering and sweets! There are times when the freezer is full with sweets brought by my relatives and I can’t concentrate on my work because of that. It’s utterly disturbing for me to keep the sweets like that, rather I will eat all that today and NOW!


Six: Pimple popping

The only gift that I got from puberty is Pimple. It knows exactly how to eff with my face. It has the supernatural power to anticipate wedding, party and any other functions in which I want to show up. But what I cannot accept is my irresistible urge to pop that pimple to make it even worse leaving a long lasting darkspot behind.

It seems like I master all the things that I should stop doing. 😐

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