I allow myself today… #286

I allow myself today…

To act towards my inner peace.

To listen to my inner voice that had been tired of asking me to leave.

To cut the cords with all those toxic friends.

To burn the bridges that lead me neither to love nor to mercy.

To cry for no apparent reason.

To feel void inside for days.

To feel the surge of every emotion all at a time.

To demand love.

To not be productive and thinking about work every waking hour on some days.

To breathe in and to breathe out without the paralyzing sense of loneliness.

To just survive the long days and weeks.

To look for the right friends and companions.

To forgive myself for all the times I had been so hard on myself.

To forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made.

To forgive myself for loving everyone with everything that I had.

To start it all over again.

To be noncompetitive at things I enjoy doing.

To have a life offline, away from everybody’s eyes and ears.

To believe in myself.

To love myself a little bit more.

To take all the time to heal.

To walk the path that’s not been decided by somebody else.

I allow myself to do whatever it takes to grow stronger so that this pain cannot bother me anymore.

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