Are You Planning To take me to a long drive? #158

Dear future bae,

If you happen to read this and still want to take me to a long drive then you are the most understanding person in the world and I love you. *blush blush*

All these romantic movies have made me believe that long drive is a romantic thing. I want you to know these things if you are taking me to a long drive.

>> I don’t want you to feel like a baby sitter but this is plain fact. I need to eat, drink water and go to toilet in every couple of hours. I don’t have a medical condition but this is how it is since my childhood. If I’m hungry or I’m holding my pee for long, that’s gonna ruin my mood and your effort to have some quality time with me.

>> Better don’t plan anything at that time of the month. I can’t guarantee anything good while having cramps.

>> I am not gonna drive. I don’t own a car and don’t know how to drive. Just in case I learn driving in mean time, I would still trust you with the driving and both of our lives. At the same time I would feel sorry if you drive for too long, so choose the plan accordingly. You don’t wanna get exhausted just by driving, right? *wink*

>> I am not gonna do so-called romantic stuffs while you are driving that can potentially distract you from the road and hurt both of us.

>> So what am I gonna do?
I’ll sit by you, talk to you, sing to you, tell you what I get excited about, try to comfort you without distracting you from the road.

As my partner you must know that, time to time, I prefer silence over talks. So let me enjoy some time looking the nature, filling my lungs with fresh air and recharging myself.

One of the mandatory things will be some good music. Music is just everything to me.

Oh yes, I am gonna listen to you as well.

Probably there are thousand other things that we can do but I don’t know, let’s see what the future holds for me …

By the way, did I have to be so extra for a simple long drive? No… but there’s no harm to imagine one perfect date like this…

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