The Evolution of lunch box #38

My lunch box has been a topic of discussion for my friends for the last few days. So today I will be looking back to the beginning of time to find how my lunch box and its content have changed over the years.

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One: The elementary school

It was the time when I started to go to school and I used to cry a lot in the school. I was such a crybaby! I would always stick with my mom at that time and I hated school because I had to stay among some strange people without my mom. This is just not acceptable. Until I make new friends and the study/whatever appear interesting to me, my mom had to manage something so that I go to school without crying and complaining. So she started making nice healthy snacks and gave that in tiffin. Sometimes she would give my favourite fruits also. Quite unintentionally my box would bring other kids to me. My chest swelled with pride when they praised my mom’s cooking skill. Sometimes I was so excited to eat my tiffin, I could not help opening my box at second period (recess was after fourth period). There were other kids who used to do the same, so I never felt weird about it.

Two: middle school & high school

From middle school to high school I had similar kind of tiffin. Unfortunately my mom was not well during that time. So she couldn’t cook. There was a maid who used cook for us back then. So almost everyday I had to bring roti and some fries/curry. Though it was healthy but there was nothing to get excited about. Many of my friends used to bring roti (round Indian bread) like me. But my rotis used to be the best because it remaimed soft even after getting cold. Occasionally I used to bring chicken curry accompanied with roti or prawn noodles etc. Those days I had to struggle a lot to keep the lunch intact up to break. Overall my tiffin was simple and cheap meal for most of the days and majestic once or twice in a month.

Three: College

part I: It’s the time when I got admission to an engineering college and started living as a paying guest. For the first couple of semesters there was nothing like my lunch box or lunch for me. When I had money I used to have lunch in college cafeteria, otherwise I would starve. The food was way too expensive for me plus oily and unhealthy. Fortunately I got some friends who brought tiffin from home. That was nothing less than heaven for me. One of my close friends used to share the major part of her tiffin with me. This continued till I fell seriously sick and moved to my home again.

part II:

Due to my health problems I decided to move to home. So I had to travel from my home to college everyday. It took more than a couple of hours to go to college from my place. My college started at 9 and I had to start before 7 to be in time. But the good thing was my mom started making lunch for me again. As I lost a lot of weight in the last 2 years, she forced me to eat more. Even in lunch also, she used to give me generous amount of food. Once again my lunch box came into lime light. People who were still in hostel used to wait for my box.

Now I think that perhaps I could never appreciate the effort it took to make my lunch every single day throughout this many years. Somebody used to prepare my lunch everyday without fail but I did not hesitate to throw tantrums if the bread was not perfect or a little burnt or I didn’t like the curry and so on. I was so immature!

Four: Present time

Now I have moved to a new city for my job. I am all alone here. Nobody makes lunch for me. So most of the time I can’t bring a box or have a decent lunch. One of the reasons is my food habit is quite different from this place. The bunch of people with whom I go for lunch are either local to this place or have shifted to this place along with their families. So most of them bring home-made foods everyday. While they open their magnificent lunch boxes with curries, roti, desserts , my box cries in the corner having a bread with peanut butter or something like that. My cooking skill is still in very preliminary stage, so that also doesn’t help me much. I personally have no problem in eating whatever I can afford or cook. But it seems that it’s been a major concern for my peers. Everyday they have a good laugh talking about lunch box as I can’t bring lunch like them and often hesitate to eat from their boxes. Very few days I make lunch for myself, not just spreading butter over the bread. Yesterday was one of those days. One of my companions, Samantha, spotted it right away and told others, “Omg! She brought LUNCH today!” Somebody replied, “What’s new in that? Most of the days she brings it.”  Samantha explained, “Everyday she brings joke as lunch. Today it seems that she has brought something decent. ” I kind of felt bad after hearing this but got over it soon.

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There’s nothing I want to tell them but I miss my mom more when they laugh at my lunch box, because I don’t think I will ever be able to make lunch for myself as my mom used to make for me.

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