Top 5 Most Favorite Boyfriends on YouTube #127

YouTube is one of the major sources of entertainment for me. I can literally lie on my couch whole day watching YouTube videos skipping my meals, social life and normal functioning of a human being. Sometimes, my sister complains, “this guys talk so fast! How can people talk so much?” And as usual I ignore her words and watch videos more intensely. Some of the youtubers I watch have been making videos since 2010 or even earlier than that. Now this is quite a long time and quite a lot of content. So many youtubers chose to talk about their life and be casual on a video rather than just dressing up and act according to script. This allows the viewers to feel more connected with them. The daily life stuffs may or may not be funny or entertaining but still we love to have a closer look at their lives.

The people whom I am going to mention have given me the notion of “relationship goals” in so many levels, I can’t explain. It warms my heart to see people genuinely happy with each other. I am nobody to judge anyone here… so don’t take the orders seriously! 🙂

Pewdiepie (Marzia)
Pewdiepie or Felix Kjellberg is not only the biggest youtuber, he seems to be a great boyfriend too. Felix started dating Marzia when his youtube career was yet to create sensation. He is from Sweden and Marzia is from Italy. After watching Felix’s videos Marzia became a fan of him. They started talking on social media and then finally Pewds had enough money to visit Marzia in Italy. Marzia moved out with him and was with him through the thick and thins. They are together for almost 6 years now. Eventually Marzia also started her YT channel. Occasionally they feature each other in their videos. It’s like they are growing together. I never saw Pewds to show off in his girlfriend’s channel or talk like “who’s better here”. He looks very supportive and respectful towards Martz’s work.

Julien Solomita (Jenna Marbles)

Jenna Marbles has been one of the most subscribed female youtuber for quite some time. Her channel has evolved a lot through the course of time. Jenna has weird obsession with doing things with herself. Most surprisingly it doesn’t look like made just for views. She simply enjoy herself giving herself an amateur hairdo, doing weird stuffs on nails and her face. In one of her videos she shaves her eyebrows. She has that sort of absolute madness in herself. In all of her videos, Julien looks quite fine with whatever makes Jenna happy. Julien also has a vlog channel, if you watch some of his videos you will understand him better as a person and realize that he doesn’t support Jenna just for views. He really is a caring and non-judgemental boyfriend!

Julien Solomita
Julien and Jenna posing after Jenna shaved her eyebrows…

Tyler Williams (Safiya Nygard)

Safiya who previously as a video producer in buzzfeed quit her job and started her own YT channel. In her videos, Safiya tries out weird fashion and beauty hacks. Safiya takes challenges to buy ugliest clothing available on the internet, wear them and go out to gather people’s opinion on it. Safiya is very confident in pulling off any ugly clothing challenge and Tyler never shows any hesitation to hang with her in any of those videos. Tyler has a YT channel too where the content revolves around food. Both of their videos are totally different in terms of context and Safiya and Tyler look equally enthusiastic in both of their videos.

In a relationship everybody needs some space for their personal passion. Giving the other person that space does not mean to completely take yourself away from him/her and not to make them feel your presence. Taking interest in each other’s passion and supporting, that’s what I see in them.

Tyler Williams
Tyler and Safiya on epic food adventure
safiya nygard
A glimpse of the fashion challenges on Safiya’s YT channel

Ben (Simply Nailogical)

Simply Nailogical is a channel for nail arts, beauty and funny videos. Cristine is the person behind all the great works of her channel. Cristine has another channel named “Simply not logical” where she posts videos that are irrelevant to her main YT channel. Cristine’s boyfriend is occasionally seen in her main channel and majorly in her second channel. Cristine’s fans completely adores him. He is simple guy, he brings her tea while she shoots her videos, he volunteers for all the boyfriend tags! In one of the videos when Ben talks about how workaholic his gf is, she has a full-time job. After coming from office she shoots for YT, how she always engages herself to do something. Now this is called true appreciation! Recognizing your partners hardwork is one of the best thing you can do to him/her!

Cristine and Ben

David Dobrik (Liza Koshy)

Elizabeth Koshy better known as Liza Koshy gained a lot of popularity in vines. She shifted her focus to YT as vines went off. Her boyfriend David too came from the same platform. David has vlogging channel on YT. Liza’s videos are uniquely funny. David occasionally appears in her channel, they have got a huge fan-base to ship them. They are just too adorable!

David Dobrik.png
David and Liza


Dear future partner, you should take note as well. 😉

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