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Having spent a lot of time on YouTube, I’ve gained knowledge about the YouTube community. I want to share my experience with all of you. I’m not a YouTuber myself, so the things I’ll discuss will be from an audience’s perspective rather than a content creator’s. Recently, I came across a meme that said every young person nowadays wants to become a YouTuber. This made me stop and think. Personally, I’ve always seen YouTube as a platform for learning and entertainment. However, in recent years it has opened up career opportunities for many people. People upload videos and make money from them – seriously! What else do these YouTubers do? They upload videos of themselves doing silly things or featuring cute puppies or DIY projects, among other things, and they make money from it all without even needing to go to an office like us regular folks. It almost seems too good to be true for them!

As I took a closer look at it, being a YouTuber didn’t seem as easy as people say. Let me explain why. Last week, I came across this channel called Simply Nailogical. As the name suggests, the channel is about nails. Although I regularly watch YouTube, I never bothered to watch any videos from this channel until last week. Cristine owns and runs this channel. In most of her videos, she sits and paints her nails in a visually pleasing way. She shares information about the products she uses and demonstrates the procedure. Her videos aren’t just straightforward how-to guides. Some audience members may actually try out those techniques on their own nails, but there are also people like me who simply find the videos entertaining.

Cristine’s channel was started in 2014 and currently has around 4.9 million subscribers with 788 million views.

How on earth are so many people gathered to watch stupid nail art videos? The answer is that there is more than what you see. As a content creator, a person can choose anything they want. But that doesn’t make this many people watch and come back for more. Many YouTubers might take the exact same thing to make a video, but viewers will be attracted to channels where there’s passion, variety, and overall connection with the presenter.

Although Simply Nailogical’s main content has to be about nails, it also includes other videos. Cristine is funny and smart. She has taken her obsession with “holo” to the next level. It’s oddly satisfying to watch the peel porn – peeling off her nail art and storing it for future use.

I love how passionate someone can be about something. I’ve learned that even though it may seem like a small insignificant thing at first, when you add effort and passion to it, it can become something great in the world.


I watched Cristine for many years just for fun. I learned that she worked with the Canadian Government and met her boyfriend at work. It was heartwarming to see Cristine start her own nail polish brand. I really wanted to buy her products, but they don’t currently ship to India, and I can’t afford them with my Indian currency income.

Cristin eventually started a podcast with her partner. Over time, we also got to meet other important people in her life. One day, Cristine shared a video announcing her decision to quit YouTube. I’m not sure if she still works at her day job, but her nail polish business is doing well. With all the extra responsibilities there, Cristine decided to end her YouTube journey.

I wish Cristine a happy life filled with adventures alongside Ben and their cats!]

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