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Having spent a questionable amount of time of YouTube I have gathered a little knowledge about YouTube community. I wish to share my experience with you all.

I’m not a YouTuber. The things I’ll be talking about will be from the perspective of an audience than a content creator.

Lately I came across a meme that said, every youth nowadays wants to become an YouTuber. This is when I was compelled to give it a thought. I have seen YouTube as a tool to learn new things and for entertainment. But in recent years it has rendered career opportunities to large number of people. People are uploading videos and making money out of it. Seriously. What else do the YouTubers do? They are uploading any video of them doing stupid things or cute puppies or DIY or something else and that’s getting them money. They don’t even need to go to an office like us. Isn’t life too easy to be real for them?

As I had a closer look at it, the career of a YouTuber didn’t seem to be as easy as people would say. Let me explain why. Last week I came across this channel: Simply nailogical.

As the name suggests, the channel has to do something with nails. Although I’ve been a regular audience of YouTube, I never cared to watch any videos of this channel until last week. This channel is owned by Cristine. In most of her videos, she would sit and paint her nails in the most aesthetic way possible. She provides with all the information about the products she uses and shows the procedure.

Her videos aren’t straight forward how-to videos. Certainly there would some people in the audience who will actually do those stuffs on their nails. But there are people like me as well, who watch the videos simply because those are entertaining. Cristine’s channel that started in 2014 has about 4.9 million subscribers and 788 million views.

How on earth this many people are gathered to watch stupid nail art videos? The answer is there’s more than what you see. As a content creator a person can take anything and everything he/she wants. But that doesn’t make this many people to watch that content and come back for more. The chance is many of the YouTubers might take the exact same thing to make a video. But people will be attracted to channel where there’s passion, there’s variety and overall they can connect to the presenter. Although the main content of the channel Simply Nailogical had to be about nails, it has some other videos as well. Cristine is funny and smart. She has taken her obsession with the “holo” to the next level. It’s oddly satisfying to watch the peel porn which is nothing but peeling the nail art off her nails and storing it for future use. I love how passionate a person can be about a thing. I have learnt that it could seem to be a small insignificant thing at first but when you add your effort and passion to it, it can be any other great thing in the world.

Here are some lit nail arts by Cristine. (Source: Simply Nailogical)

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