An Open Letter to PewDiePie from an Indian 9 Year Old #164

Dear Poods,

Let me introduce myself first. I’m a 9 year old from India. Yeah, you know my country quite well now, don’t you? *wink wink*
There are a lot of things I want to tell you, even though there is hardly any chance of you reading this…I am gonna talk about a lot of random stuffs about you, most of the things you already know- except my appreciation and complaints.

I started watching your videos back in 2016, when I moved out from home. I was freshly graduated, freshly “heart-broken”, started working and living without my family and friends around me. The time was difficult, everyday was depressing, I felt so lonely…  At the end of an exhausting day, I used to watch your videos to escape my reality for at least some time. You helped me cope with my difficult time… It’s weird that a youtuber can have so much impact on people’s life.

Watching you playing video-games, it is so oddly entertaining even though I won’t like to play that by myself. When I started watching you, you had already made a shit ton of content in different categories. I like watching those gaming videos, pewds-does-everything( Damn that was my fave), your 5-weird-stuff-online series, you-laugh-you-lose, reaction videos, compilations, rants, vlogs, diamond-play-button drama, VR series, you talking about books and authors, talking about general topics, plain shouting into the camera, casual videos with Marzia, meme review, pew-news, LWIAY -EVERYTHING. I just skipped the videos that are longer than 30 minutes. Your online personality has changed quite a lot over the course of time- who knows better than you!

Your fans were more attached to the 2012 Pewdiepie… but you kept it original. I am glad that you followed your heart and stick to doing what you enjoy doing instead of doing what would please the fans. It’s clear that your bold move worked well. I cannot appreciate you enough for keeping the originality and being true to yourself on a platform like YouTube where everybody pretends to be somebody else.

I would really love watching more videos on you talking about books, I was so amazed to find that you read a lot of books. You need to bring that series back!

I miss your collabs with Jack and Mark.

Maybe all your videos are not equally funny but it’s okay. You make videos every single day- that’s a lot of work… You must take breaks to enjoy your life as well, to spend some quality time with your family and friends. It’s weird that watching you has become a habit for me now. The time you go on vacation- I binge watch your old videos- thank God! there are so many of them!

You have mastered the art of making videos and entertaining millions of people but you still don’t know how to promote products… You promoting products is just plain cringe like your handshake failures. That justifies the reason why *only 399* became a meme (the chair meme)!

I have just one complaint against you- I wanted to buy your merch so badly. It’s so freaking expensive- what can I say? One damn cap for 2000 Indian currency- that’s seriously a lot of money. Maybe next time you can consider launching something in more affordable price? Maybe?

Recently there has been so much drama for “Pewdiepie vs T series”, the world is split in sides. As an company based in India- I do support T series. But I cannot leave the side of the person who has made me laugh after a long day, there’s this one sided emotional connection I have built watching your videos. I cannot pick sides. Being your fan was never easy. One has to be immature enough to crack inappropriate jokes like you and mature enough to take the jokes as nothing but jokes. I have seen how much of controversy you have run into, I am glad to see that you have learnt from your mistakes…Feels great to see you react to situations with more maturity now. You have earned my respect by doing all the charity for the people in need, by having a private life outside YouTube, by treating your girl Martz as your one and only. You have got your fair share of time to enjoy the throne of most subscribed channel. Maybe now it is inevitable that T-series will surpass your channel in the number of subscriber count- but you will always be the king in the heart of these 9 year olds, no matter what. An Indian channel has come into spot light all of a sudden, people are saying, “T series? never heard of it!” Well, not knowing something doesn’t stop it from existing. People are throwing unnecessary shade to T series for no reason. They are not ready to accept a channel from a third world country at the top on a platform like YouTube or maybe because it’s a company rather than an individual content-creator.
Maybe you really don’t care about T series, maybe everything that you are saying are only jokes (I listened to bitch-lasagna 5 times a row, it was too good!), but I would be very disappointed if I happen to see you shit-talk about T-series in serous context.

Ending my letter with my heartiest congratulations of 69 mil subs and your engagement with Marzia, I wish both of you a happy and prosperous life.

Loads of love from India. <3

As always, stay awesome bro! *bro-fist*

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to PewDiePie from an Indian 9 Year Old #164


    (January 17, 2019 - 10:58 pm)

    As a 2012 subscriber I share a lot of your opinions except I don’t miss 2012 Felix. If I do I re-watch a video, but just as he evolved so did I. If he was his old self I think he wouldn’t have either remained relevant in the Youtube platform and for me. McPixel, Fridays with Pewdiepie, Scribblenauts were my faves but it was time they became a memory. Really enjoyed the letter. *brofist*

      Molten Cookie Dough

      (January 20, 2019 - 12:17 pm)

      A fellow a 9 yr old! *brofist*

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