Dysfunctional Wedding-shopping #55

Well, I don’t know why I found this ambiguous title so appropriate for this writing. A lot happened in the time when I didn’t show up. One of the recent incident among them is my colleague’s wedding. Expection, eh?🤦‍♀️ I happened to meet Rohini four months ago I when joined my present company. She’s really […]

Things that challenge my self-control #37

There are lots of things I should stop over-doing but I just can’t restrain myself. Today I’m gonna be talking about some of the things in which I have least self control. Maybe you also find something in common with me! One: Shopping I haven’t come from a rich family but that can not limit […]

Realistic long weekend #35

It was May 1st on Monday or rather I should say the much awaited long weekend. Everybody else had plans for this weekend. For me weekends vary from Netflix and chill to sleep to skip life. There’s no in between. Wasting the whole weekend and regretting about it later have been an integral part of […]

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