The Afterstory : Straightening my hair #85

As many of you will know from my previous story that I have recently got my hair chemically treated. The previous post was all about how the procedure was and this is about how people responded to my new look.   The reaction Now this didn’t go as per my expectations. I received mixed opinion […]

Sticking to what you love #71

Who doesn’t want to be cool? But being cool doesn’t necessarily be easy always. Some people feel cool in following the mass and some standing well out of them. Many of today’s internet famous personalities have been bullied in the school/college-life, they might be frowned at by their neighbours even now after all this virtual […]

Reacting to Negative Remarks #50

I may preach others all the time but honestly it takes a lot of effort to act graciously when it comes to criticism. Let’s be real for a moment. If somebody comes to you and calls you beautiful, you’ll smile believing it to be true. But if the same person points to your flaw, you […]

If you are not happy ,it’s not the end #14

It’s not that I’m running out of ideas but today I just want to write about my day, not anything else. I woke up in the morning, went to office. Now there are some things currently going on there. One : My pc isn’t working, so I need to sit with other people. I need […]

Attract positivity #1

In early twenties either people are too focused to get the right job,do the right things or confused as hell!Some people are still not aware of what they want from life or how they are going to achieve it.Listening to motivational speakers leave them motivated for 1 day or 2 days maybe. But for doing […]

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