A Day out of an Introvert in Hyderabad #148

It takes a lot of time and effort of an introvert to be free with someone. But life doesn’t permit that much of time always. It was indeed a very unique experience to meet some people for the first time and go out with them to explore the city on the next day.

Silent Emotions #76

I have grown up as a shy, introvert person. Silence and solitude are fine for me. Lot of people, noise, too much social interaction make me sick. I can’t show up to somebody and approach for friendship. I don’t mind to have my lunch alone. Nonetheless I don’t like to be left out or abandoned […]

Some days are meant for disappointment #70

Expectation, mothering disappointment since beginning of time. No matter how hard I try to keep myself unaffected from expectations, I end up in negative situations rooting from expectations. The incident I’m gonna write about is just beginning of my bad mood today and the circumstances kept adding fuel to that fire.  Today, we had planned […]

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