Homecoming and More… #66

Day 0:  This day doesn’t even count. The whole day I was so restless, waiting eagerly to meet my family, my people. When you visit home only twice a year or even less than that, the urge for reunion grows stronger and reaches at its peak when there’s only a few hours between you and […]

Festivals Then vs. Now #62

It was the last day of Durga Puja and I can’t get over the festive mood. Now I wonder how it used to be like just 2 years back and what it has become now. The morning routine During this time of the year, I used to haveĀ  one-month-long holiday in school followed by final […]

What make me less Bengali #60

Background: I’m a Bengali living far away from my near and dear ones for the sake of my job. That “far away” is still in India but this part of the country barely has any similarity in culture, language, food habits with my background. This is Hyderabad, my current “not”-home. Bengalis are known for their […]

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