The Independence Day #69

Till my high school days Independence Day was more than a holiday to me. It was more than those 2-3 patriotic songs being played in loop for the whole day. ” Don’t even think about staying at home tomorrow. I will take the attendance for sure. ” -my class teacher used to say this  every […]

Dark Confessions from Life #64

Since my last confession post, I was kind of feeling better. I haven’t made any confession on internet before, not even in sarahah! I am always skeptical about the admins of the confession pages. What if this guy/girl actually knows me? What if he/she posts my name too. Basically I don’t have faith in such […]

Terms with bugs #39

I’m a girl and having said that one can easily assume what “terms” I can have with bugs. Still I wanted to pull this topic because there are much more to this. As a person I never tolerate violence to animals. Even as a kid also I don’t remember to hit any poor creature for […]

Serial Killer Owl #29

Photo by Thomas_1 (via Flickr) I don’t remember exactly when I became superstitious. People with may think that this makes no sense but I really wonder if I am the only one who used to believe in weird stuff in childhood! There is one incident which is most relatable to the context. Most probably I […]