Thoughts on Monsters #30

Photo by Matthew Ragan (via Flickr) There are many things I feel for which I don’t have a rational explanation. This may sound happen stupid and baseless but can’t help sharing this. One: Monster in darkness Monster in darkness is a pure evil thing to me. In my childhood, we didn’t have power backups and power […]

Serial Killer Owl #29

Photo by Thomas_1 (via Flickr) I don’t remember exactly when I became superstitious. People with may think that this makes no sense but I really wonder if I am the only one who used to believe in weird stuff in childhood! There is one incident which is most relatable to the context. Most probably I […]

Things that nobody told me in College life #25

This post is entirely based on how I feel about my college days when I look back. First Year: ” It’s doesn’t matter if you are in Engineering college or something else, you need to study sincerely. ” ” Although you are in Electronics Engg. you need to do the mechanics sums like a bawse. […]

People in Rain #24

Rain. It has different appeal to different people. Some people like the rain because of the earthy scent, some people claiming the weather condition as romantic, some people find it best to read and have a cup of coffee and some absolutely hate rain because of the inconvenience and health hazards caused by it. There […]

Selfie and self #8

I don’t remember exactly when the craze of selfie hit me but I am quite sure that by that time everyone else was mastering this thing. Selfie became the trend. Youth and Internet were losing over it. And there was me, owner of a mobile with 0.3 mp front camera. I don’t know if that […]

Attract positivity #1

In early twenties either people are too focused to get the right job,do the right things or confused as hell!Some people are still not aware of what they want from life or how they are going to achieve it.Listening to motivational speakers leave them motivated for 1 day or 2 days maybe. But for doing […]