The Independence Day #69

Till my high school days Independence Day was more than a holiday to me. It was more than those 2-3 patriotic songs being played in loop for the whole day. ” Don’t even think about staying at home tomorrow. I will take the attendance for sure. ” -my class teacher used to say this  every […]

Need Changes Our Attitude #68

I felt this several times in my life. I used to feel bad for not having minimal connection with my college friends after graduation. Apart from 2-3 people whom I counted for my close friends, there were many classmates whom I had helped many times in studies and stuffs. Even though we never had terms […]

Double Standards #67

Background: If you have come across my previous post you already know that I have recently been to my hometown and I met some of my old friends. One of them was Suse. I might have mentioned her here and there. I know Suse from high school. In fact from 12th standard I regarded her […]

Dark Confessions from Life #64

Since my last confession post, I was kind of feeling better. I haven’t made any confession on internet before, not even in sarahah! I am always skeptical about the admins of the confession pages. What if this guy/girl actually knows me? What if he/she posts my name too. Basically I don’t have faith in such […]

Fresher’s Party #63

Whenever I go through old photos of mine my whole body cringes out. Same thing happens when FaceBook shows me memories from the past. I wonder how could people have tolerated my pseudo-intellectual stuff in horrible English(even worse than this). My taste and preferences have changed a lot over time and they are still changing. […]

Festivals Then vs. Now #62

It was the last day of Durga Puja and I can’t get over the festive mood. Now I wonder how it used to be like just 2 years back and what it has become now. The morning routine During this time of the year, I used to haveĀ  one-month-long holiday in school followed by final […]

Heading towards Nowhere! #61

Background: Click here to read. Despite all the meaningless awkwardness on the day I met Ritz immediately after my stupid dream, I managed to stay calm. We had one or two small talks and that’s it. That day I got occupied with work, I eventually I forgot about it. On the very next day, Ritz […]

What make me less Bengali #60

Background: I’m a Bengali living far away from my near and dear ones for the sake of my job. That “far away” is still in India but this part of the country barely has any similarity in culture, language, food habits with my background. This is Hyderabad, my current “not”-home. Bengalis are known for their […]

Confession of a Mediocre #59

I come from an Indian middle-class family. Among my parents, my mom was a bright kid, always a topper. My dad was just “ok” in his studies. Both of them had hard childhood, having financial problem, too many siblings, responsibilities more than age and many other problems that I can’t imagine. As parents they made […]

Illegal Dreams #58

Dreams. I can’t tell you how many times I had to convince myself that dreams have nothing to do with reality. I’m a typical pisces person, that makes me official daydreamer. But today I wanna talk about the dreams that I have when my body is resting on the bed and my mind is stoned […]

It Started With a Joke! #57

It was an amazing dinner with my colleague Keith on a Friday night. This was much needed after such a hectic week. Keith is senior to me in office but a really good friend. Both of us have one thing in common- love for food. Whenever any one of us is in the mood of […]

Dear Diary… #54

There are a couple of things I wanted to write about but considering the current situation I assume they can wait a little bit. So I’m gonna write about a few stuffs that are messing with my peace of mind right now. Being matured but desperate single Well, I have no shame in admitting the […]

Appreciate The Difference #53

From our childhood we have been taught about “unity in diversity” of India. As a kid I never got a chance to travel across India and get the feel of it. Through the eletronics media we witnessed the existence of difference but it barely helped us to realise the meaning of unity in diversity. I’m […]

Overrated Destiny #51

“Everything happens for a reason”- I am a strong believer of destiny. It’s the belief that drives me to think about reason behind everything having even slightest connection with me. But sometimes I feel that it’s a complete waste of time. My life will be the same even without knowing the reason or rather it […]

Reacting to Negative Remarks #50

I may preach others all the time but honestly it takes a lot of effort to act graciously when it comes to criticism. Let’s be real for a moment. If somebody comes to you and calls you beautiful, you’ll smile believing it to be true. But if the same person points to your flaw, you […]

Night-time thoughts #49

On the usual weekdays, my body becomes so tired after office and household works that it shuts down before midnight. On the contrary, in the weekend I keep on sleeping till I get tired of sleeping and my back starts hurting for lying down all the day. Every weekend I have some major plans to […]

People don’t understand #48

“Don’t you love rain? Then why are you running?” It took 5 minutes of walk from my departmental building to college cafeteria and there was no shades in between. Cafeteria was in a separate building. Sometimes it would start to rain when we were in the halfway. So we had to run in any direction […]

Dear Daddy… #47

“It’s a girl”- the doctor said and handed me over to him. I wish, I remembered his first expression. It’s weird that we don’t remember seeing our mom and dad for the first time. Anyway, I heard this later that dad saw me before mom. Maybe that’s why I have a whole different level of […]

Studying – College edition #46

My college juniors just wrote their final semester exam and my entire Facebook newsfeed is flooded with “last- together : feeling nostalgic” posts. That seems to be a little dramatic now. There are many things that come into mind when people talk about college life. But I would prefer to talk about one of the […]

The sense of Self-importance #45

It was one of those usual days, I came back from office and found piles of dishes, buckets of dirty clothes and empty water bottles scattering on the floor. This is how I leave my room in the morning. So this becomes inevitable to deal with this mess after coming back. The first thing that […]

Hobbies and more #44

If you ask a 3 year old kid about its future ambition, the chances are more for getting a better ans from the kid than me. Like the answer of “What do you want to be in life? ” becomes harder and harder when you actually start to understand life. Certainly I’m not talking about […]

Beauty, Brain and Judgements #43

It’s Sunday and fortunately I managed to wake up before afternoon. As usual before stepping on the floor and and starting my day I spent almost one hour checking my Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram, Twitter accounts. A Facebook memory popped up in my newsfeed today that became my motivation to write this. It was about an […]

Unpopular opinion #41

Very recently somebody posted this video in a WhatsApp group. ” A group of teenagers were celebrating one of their friend’s birthday. They bought 2 cakes. As soon as the boy cut one of the cakes, his friends smashed his face against the other cake. When they left, 80 per cent of the cake was […]

Things that challenge my self-control #37

There are lots of things I should stop over-doing but I just can’t restrain myself. Today I’m gonna be talking about some of the things in which I have least self control. Maybe you also find something in common with me! One: Shopping I haven’t come from a rich family but that can not limit […]

Just kidding! #36

There are many incidents that had influenced me to end up here writing this. Today jokes will be in the spotlight but not the innocent ones, I’m talking about the “pure evils”/ offensive jokes. These are some incidents that made me think about it: One: YouTubers often intentionally/unintentionally make offensive jokes. In the worst case […]

A conversation with my inner self #34

I think every person undergoes some drastic change in behaviour/personality over the course of time. For some it’s clearly visible in a short span of time, for others the time frame must be large enough to observe the changes. I’m not an exception to that. There must have been many changes in my behavior, opinion, […]

I didn’t choose shmrrr-life,shmrrr-life chose me #33

It’s weekend and I’m home alone. When I was a kid and my parents went out for a while I used to throw my books away and fully utilise the time doing things that mom would forbid me to do. My actions in the absence of my parents changed with time but in general it […]

Types of people on WhatsApp #32

It’s been more than 5 years since when  I have been using WhatsApp. Not only I use WhatsApp, I am kind of hyperactive on this messaging media. So these are the kind of people I came across in WhatsApp. One: A human with life These are the type of people who have installed this app […]

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