The Afterstory : Straightening my hair #85

As many of you will know from my previous story that I have recently got my hair chemically treated. The previous post was all about how the procedure was and this is about how people responded to my new look.   The reaction Now this didn’t go as per my expectations. I received mixed opinion […]

Stereotyping : A common problem #81

“… your name please?” “Progga…” “Sorry, what?” “Pragya… P-r-a-g-y-a” “You are a Bengali right? Obhijit, Obhishek… ‘O’s everywhere”.The guy burst out in laughter thinking how funny he was. As a Bengali working in a multural cultural workplace I am used to these stereotypes. Today I want to take this opportunity to explain everything that is […]

Gold digger feminist. #77

It’s year ending day. Honestly I had tons of other things to write but I had to start with the thing that had been bothering me since morning. Now before going into the incident, I want to admit that I have many flaws but I keep on trying to be a better person everyday. Yesterday […]

Statistics #19

Life is boring. We have to find motivation everyday to get it going. In reality there are so many things that are affected by each other that you can’t say if they are directly proportional or inversely proportional to the other thing. Now this sounds vague. So let me put it in this way. For […]

Thoughts on Body shaming #17

It’s been a busy Sunday. I have almost finished what I had to do today and now I’m taking rest before the final touch up. The thing I chose to talk about is not a random 3 am thought or something I have over-thought about. I have witnessed and experienced this years before I knew […]

Anniversary of good decisions #16

It’s Saturday and unlike other weekends I was a little busy. Usually I don’t make any plans because what’s the use of planning if I’m gonna end up saying to self, ” Sleep is more necessary. Sleep honey, sleep! Duck plans! Sleep your life away!” So this is how my day went. I literally got […]

If you are not happy ,it’s not the end #14

It’s not that I’m running out of ideas but today I just want to write about my day, not anything else. I woke up in the morning, went to office. Now there are some things currently going on there. One : My pc isn’t working, so I need to sit with other people. I need […]

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