Karachi Cafe

Karachi Cafe Review

Karachi Cafe, the cafe from the famous restaurant chain Karachi Bakery grabbed my attention just a few days after they opened the 1st cafe in Gachibowli. Location wise it is pretty easy to find out. I like the vintage theme of their ambiance. Coming to the most important part now. I have tried a few […]

A Pinch of Regret Can Spoil the Mood #52

When I freshly joined FaceBook, I was probably in high school. For the first couple of years it was the platform to reply to every other strangers who pinged me. Literally I accepted all the friend requests I got at that time. I used to talk to them too. But one thing I always tried […]

Thoughts on food review #9

This is another weekend and I literally slept the whole day away. Now it’s midnight and I’m doing everything but sleeping. I did my dishes, washed my clothes, cleaned my room and finally settled down with my phone. Yes. Phone. Because I’m too tired to take my laptop and sit but not too tired to […]