What will you get in Assorted Box of Dohful Cookies?

It’s no secret that I love soft-baked cookies and I’m looking for good, affordable options in India. After my first purchase from Instagram ads,, I started seeing more and more cookie ads on the platform. Since I have little self-control when it comes to cookies, I made a promise to only indulge once a month. When July came around, I came across an ad from Dohful and visited the website to check out their menu.

For the next few days, I considered whether it would be a good purchase and which cookies I’m most excited to try. When I logged in to their website, I saw a prompt to enter a monthly giveaway using my email address. Without thinking much, I shared my email and moved on to something else. After a couple of days, I received Sunday newsletter from Dohful mentioning they were discontinuing some flavors. The mail also included a 15% off coupon. Thankfully, I hadn’t placed my order yet.

The assorted box of cookies seemed convenient to me as a first-time buyer. There were two options: a box of five different cookies or a box of ten cookies with five different varieties. I chose the box of ten so that I could share them with my sister. The order cost 815 Rs., and the delivery charges were waived off. All I had to do was wait…

I received an email with the invoice and a tracking id for my order. On the 4th day after placing my order I received a big box of cookies!

Name : Red Velvet Cookies

The red velvet cookies from Dohful are the best cookies in their menu. The cookies have a signature red color and crumbly texture. Although they aren’t soft baked, they are more crunchy than cakey. However, the taste is really good. There are big chunks of white chocolate in the cookie, making every bite delightful. I will definitely buy these again!

Rating : 4.7/5

Name : Choco Brownie Cookies
People who enjoy chocolates and fudge will definitely love this cookie. It is soft, semi-sweet, and decadent in taste. Try it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and thank me later!

Rating: 4.6/5

Name: Macadamia Nuts Cookies

I’ve never had Macadamia Nuts before, but I couldn’t really taste anything distinct in the cookies. The cookies had a good amount of chocolate and nuts, and they weren’t overly sweet!

Rating: 4.4/5

Name: Choco Chunk Cookies
If you try choco chunk cookies, you will never go back to chocolate chip cookies again! These cookies were really good with a lot of semi-sweet chocolate chunks in them. The best way to eat them is with cold milk.

Rating: 4.5/5

Name: Nutella Lava Cookies
The Nutella Lava Cookies were delicious. They had a generous amount of Nutella filling. The filling was dry when I tried it. To enjoy them, warm the cookies in the microwave for 5-10 seconds (any longer may burn them) and serve with a glass of cold milk.

Rating: 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, I loved all the cookies in the assorted cookie box from Dohful. My current favorites among the five flavors that I tasted are Red Velvet and Choco Brownie Cookies. All of the cookies are 100% vegetarian. The packaging was nice and kept the cookies intact, so you can easily gift them to your friends and family. Dohful also rewards customer loyalty; as soon as you make your first purchase, you start earning points that can be redeemed after reaching a certain number. Through its newsletter, I learned about the story of the people behind Dohful: apparently, the founder stumbled upon soft baked cookies during her honeymoon in Europe and that inspired her to create something similar back at home… My only complaint is that there should be an option to select specific cookies for the assorted box so we could customize our own boxes.

If you too are a cookie lover like me and want to support a woman-owned small business while enjoying some nice cookies, you can visit website -Dohful – https://dohful.com/

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