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First Time Applying for a Product Review Campaign

I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years and posting content on Facebook and Instagram for a long time. Among all the platforms, I have approximately 2k followers on Instagram which has led some marketing agencies to contact me. These companies often email me about brand collaborations, but as I’m busy with my day job, self-studying, hobbies, and maintaining my mental health, I usually ignore these posts. Although influencers receive free products from brands in exchange for reviews or collaborations, I know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Nonetheless, I registered my account with all necessary details except for bank account information. One day “Viral Pitch” messaged me through WhatsApp.

The campaign was simple: buy a mosquito repellent spray on Amazon, write a 60-120 word review, and submit the review link. If approved, I would get refunded for the product cost (packaging and delivery not included). Despite this detail being left out initially, I thought it was worth trying since it seemed like an easy task. I downloaded the Amazon app(had been using my sister’s Prime account for years before that). Since I applied with my name, I decided to use my own Amazon account even though I rarely used it. After installing the app, my old details were retrieved quickly and I ordered the item then uploaded proof to complete the campaign.

5 days later, I received a large bottle of mosquito repellent spray. The only tasks remaining were to write a review and receive reimbursement. Surprisingly, there were no instructions to write a positive review or give 4/5 stars in feedback. However, when I opened my Amazon app to write the review, I received a notification that my account was not eligible for writing reviews. After searching through documentation, I found nothing matching my situation. Therefore, reimbursement was out of the picture.

Since I had ordered this item solely for the campaign, I considered placing a return request but discovered that it was not eligible for return either. Now, unfortunately, I have spent big bucks on this huge mosquito repellent spray and my dad would be really upset if he knew about this story.

What I learnt from this experience:

I shouldn’t order anything unnecessary for the sake of a product review campaign, neither should my family. If I choose to participate again, I must carefully evaluate the benefits and potential refunds offered. As I enjoy reviewing products and services in general, I’d rather use this space to share my experiences using various products in daily life.

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