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What are the best free dumps for DP 300 Exam?

If you want to become a Microsoft Certified : Azure Database Administrator Associate you need to take the DP-300 exam, you must first check out the syllabus, scope, documentation available in Microsoft’s official website by clicking here. If you want to learn thoroughly, follow Microsoft’s self-paced course. It is the most reliable resource. For a seasoned Database Administrator, this test would be simple. However, if you are new to these concepts it might take some time to get a good grip of them.

That said, if you want to practice some free tests before the actual exam, you’re in the right place. You can take the DP-300 test at an exam hall or remotely as an online proctored exam.

When you schedule the exam, you will receive a link that includes do’s and don’ts for the test. Take 5-10 minutes to read it beforehand to avoid any inconvenience during the exam.

Free Resources/Free dumps for DP 300
These 3 sites had covered most of the unique questions-
1. Examtopics
2. Certlibrary
3. ITExams
After signing up for these sites, you’ll have access to around 130-150 free questions in total. There are many other websites available through a simple Google search, but most of them only have 10-20 questions at most. I suggest practicing on these sites first and then scanning a few more to see if there is anything new.

Question Pattern
DP-300 exam will have 40-60 questions (I got 48 questions when attempted in 2023) and you’ll have have 2 hr. 20 minutes to answer them.

There are 7 types of questions you’ll encounter-

  1. Single choice questions
  2. Multiple choice questions
  3. Situation based questions : A problem and a solution will be given and you’ll be asked if the solution solves the problem.
  4. Yes/No questions: From a given code snippet/screenshot number of inferences are made. You have to mark yes and no across the statements.
  5. Drag and Drop
  6. Select from dropdown
  7. Case study: a case study will have all 6 kinds of questions mentioned above.

Going that extra mile
After practicing from three or four websites, you may not encounter many new questions. This is where it gets tricky. I searched for people who had already taken the test and asked if they had any resources to share. After sending many messages, some kind strangers shared their resources with me for free, which definitely helped.

Making your own free test
I couldn’t find a free or affordable test after searching extensively, so I created my own practice test using available resources. First, compile all the questions into one document (let’s call it doc1), and then make a separate copy with answers and explanations (doc2). When taking the practice test, mark your answers using doc1, then verify them against doc2 once you’re finished. Avoid checking answers during the exam to accurately gauge your knowledge gaps. This method allows you to identify areas where you need more study time. Pay special attention to drag-and-drop questions as they can be confusing!

A Word of Caution
Paid or not, some questions may have varying answers across resources. In such cases, it’s best to check the discussion forums, Microsoft’s official documentation, or ask a friend with technical knowledge. When searching for free resources, be cautious of scams and do not pay them.

The Exam
If you’ve prepared well, even using free resources, you’ll find many common or similar questions on the actual exams. Don’t panic if you see a new question; mark it for review and finish the ones you’re confident about first. Afterward, return to the new questions and take a closer look. There’s a good chance that some of them can be answered with common sense.

DP-300 is a 1000-mark exam. You must score at least 70% to pass. After submitting your answers, you will immediately receive your scores and performance in each section. Your certificate will be saved to your Microsoft Profile. Best of luck on the DP-300 Exam!

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