Is Suits (2011-2019) worth your watch?

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I might not be a TV-series connoisseur but its low-key surprising to see the diversity of my watch-list this year. After watching supernatural teen drama The Vampire Diaries, swoon-worthy Korean drama Business Proposal, medical drama The Good Doctor, work-place mockumentary The Office, political satire Parks and Recreation, fantasy drama House of the dragons– it was quite refreshing watching Suits which is a legal drama TV series.

I have watched bits and pieces of the series over the years on YouTube as they have an official channel with compilation videos of fan favorite moments- so I already had some idea about the main characters – however I had no idea about the popularity of the show or the ending… So more or less, those videos only encourage me to watch the series- not spoil it completely.
Suits ran for 9 seasons expanding through almost a decade- In my personal opinion I enjoyed the show the most till season 7 – as 3 of the major characters left after the same.
There are so many things I wanna talk about The Suits- so I will break down all the seasons and share my thoughts on them…

Suits – Season 1

College drop-out Mike (Michael Ross) was living with his childhood best friend Trevor and Trevor’s girlfriend Jenny. Mike lost both of his parents to a car accident at the tender age of 11, being left with his grandmother as the only family member. Mike had exceptional photographic memory enabling him to remember everything he had ever seen accurately. Growing up without parents was already a huge challenge, then his grandmother fell sick too. Mike was desperate to do anything to continue her treatment- it is then Trevor convinced him to sell a test question paper in school- which ended up with Mike getting expelled from school and his seat being withdrawn from Harvard Law School.
To “make it up to his friend”, Trevor let Mike live with him in his apartment rent-free for 1 year- Mike was writing LSATs for others to earn money (which also started as Trevor’s way to help him out) and Trevor was dealing with drugs keeping his girlfriend in the darkness.
For one such deal Trevor sent Mike to deliver drugs when he already knew the risk being caught by the police.
Mike barely saved himself from both the police and the drug dealer and ended up in a meeting room with Harvey Specter, a renowned corporate lawyer from Pearson Hardman. Harvey was looking for a Harvard graduate (mandatory prerequisite) who could take up the position of an associate in his firm. Mike exposed himself as an amateur drug dealer to Harvey but impressed him with his knowledge in law.

Harvey offered him a job in exchange of a promise that he would turn his life around- even after knowing that Mike wasn’t allowed to practice law legally.

In Pearson Hardman, we are introduced to Jessica Pearson (Managing partner and name partner of the firm, also Harvey’s mentor), Louis Litt (another senior partner, having bitter-sweet relationship with Harvey), Donna Paulsen (Harvey’s secretary) and Rachel Zane (a talented para-legal working in the firm for 5 years).
In first season Harvey and Mike bonded over difficult cases, Mike impressed his colleagues and clients with his intellect and presence of mind, Louis gave him a fair share of troubles to keep him under control, Mike had feelings for best friend’s girlfriend Jenny, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Rachel either- his problematic past forced him to keep distance.
Mike cut ties with his friend Trevor exposing his illegal dealings to Jenny, Jenny broke up with Trevor and started living in Mike- rekindling the mutual feeling. After Trevor came to know about Jenny and Mike, he hid Rachel’s voice-mail (her wish to take things forward with Mike) from Mike on purpose and exposed Mike’s true identity to Jessica.
Honestly, Trevor should be awarded with the prize of back-stabber of the year!!

Suits – Season 2

Jessica confronted Harvey about Mike, wishing to fire him. However Mike had been trusted to work on a big lawsuit… Meanwhile Pearson Hardman’s co-owner Daniel Hardman returned to claim his place in the firm after his wife’s death. Daniel was embezzling client’s money to treat his extra-marital affair, the situation was handled by Jessica and others behind closed doors- forcing him to step-down without tainting the brand name. Daniel’s mistress was asked to leave the firm too. Five years later, Daniel claimed himself to be a better man and made a return to kick Jessica out. He was using Louis as a pawn because of his insecurity and rivalry towards Harvey.
Naturally the focus shifts to stand against Daniel Hardman than to fire Mike. Daniel and Louis started giving hard time to both Jessica and Harvey. Daniel used Louis’ name for embezzling money 5 years back, after knowing this Louis sided with Jessica.
Daniel’s planted fake document to create complications in a case – for which Donna got fired.
Later she was rehired by Harvey… To deal with Daniel, Jessica had merge the firm with another firm owned by Edward Darby.
Mike helped Rachel to prepare for the LSATs, the two came closer at work… Mike bought a apartment for his grandmother but his grandmother died before seeing the house. Mike met his high school girlfriend Tess(who was then married) at the funeral, they got high and made out at Mike’s place until one day Rachel found out. Mike discontinued his affair with Tess and finally shared his secret with Rachel.

Not approved at first, but Jessica came around to keep Mike’s past a secret. Harvey forced Louis to fire his favorite candidate to protect Mike and hired another associate, Katrina Bennett at the same time for the same interest.

Some other characters of this season- Dana Scott / Scottie (Harvey’s girlfriend and main competitor from Harvard- now a lawyer in Darby’s firm), Travis Tanner (Harvey’s old rival, who would go any length to take him down), Sheila (or lady Louis) who sparked love in Louis’ heart from the first day they met, Robert Zane (Rachel’s father, a high-profile lawyer, co-owner of another law firm that is top competitor of Pearson Hardman). Rachel remained loyal to her firm even when she had to stand against her own father in a lawsuit.

Suits – Season 3

This season got so many complicated plots than the first two seasons. After merger with Darby International there was immense level of rivalry between the former owners and employees of the individual firms.
Louis caught himself entangled in a rivalry with his British counterpart Nigel, the quartermaster of Darby International, he managed to gain that position only to lose his control over the associates, which was one of the his passions.
Harvey and Mike fell out, without finding much support from Jessica in the new firm Harvey turned to Edward Darby to make him a name partner and dethrone Jessica from the position of managing partner.
Harvey had to go to extreme length to win a case of Darby, he also had to fight against his previous mentor the special prosecuting attorney and disgraced former DA of Manhattan, Cameron Dennis. Cameron’s work ethics was questionable to say the least- to ensure punishment to certain criminals he wouldn’t mind to tamper/bury evidences as well.
Mike and Louis teamed up to work in a case, the two bonded over work however Louis got suspicious when his found out Mike’s false marksheet with unrealistic grades in it. Harvey reconciled with Mike and took him back to work with him again – leaving Louis disappointed and betrayed.
To help Harvey to achieve his goal, Darby sent his fixer Stephen Huntley. Donna started seeing Stephen for the time being… Turned out the murder accusation from which Harvey was trying to save his client (Darby’s family friend) was actually ordered by Stephen- after this was discovered Darby took the responsibility and stepped down. Donna couldn’t forgive herself for dating a guy who was actually a criminal- Harvey was bothered with Donna’s dating life beyond professional reasons.
Harvey got his name on the wall and regretted betraying his mentor Jessica and amended his relationship with Jessica.
Mike and Harold (another associate who previously worked with Mike) were taken in for questioning by US attorney Eric Woodall- with the sole purpose of taking revenge on Harvey. He reassured Mike that he would be free if he could turn in his mentor… Mike became extremely nervous thinking about his past – hacking into Harvard’s website to create false grades and certificate. Harvey and Louis reached just in time to convince Mike and Harold to not say anything stupid and get them free. Harvey was ready to turn himself in as Eric Woodall had personal vendetta against him and he found himself guilty for Mike’s situation as well- however Mike’s loyalty towards him remained unaltered even after so many threats from Eric and strict order from Harvey.
To keep everybody safe Mike thought it would be best to leave Pearson Specter and accept a job offer for working as an investment banker.

Suits – Season 4

Mike’s new job as an investment banker forced him to stand against his friend, mentor and ex-colleague Harvey in a takeover battle- leading to an accusation of collusion by SEC, Sean Cahill. Shady billionaire investor Charles Forstman’s betrayal got Mike fired by his new boss and was desperate to find another job except from Pearson Specter.
Jessica’s current romantic interest Jeff Malone left SEC to join Pearson Specter to tackle attack from SEC. Louis got jealous of Harvey as named partner and Jeff getting so much importance in the firm and got involved into illegal activities and got himself fired- also betrayed by Fortsman.
Unemployed and desperate Mike went to accept the job previously offered by Fortsman, aware of Fortsman’s recent betrayal and vindictive nature- Louis convinced him to join Pearson Specter instead of working with Fortsman.
Louis figured out the fact that Mike never went to Harvard and used this knowledge to blackmail Jessica to rehire him and make him name-partner as well.
To help Mike in a case, Donna collected some document illegally – which would potentially send her to prison.
Mike’s relationship with Rachel went for a toss after Rachel found out about Mike affair with his married ex-girlfriend… By the time Mike mended his relationship back, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend Logan Sanders resurfaced as a top client of Harvey. While working with Logan, Rachel and Logan kissed. The personal feud between Mike and Logan made the case more complicated… At the end, Logan left and Mike proposed to Rachel.
Jessica too found it extremely difficult to pursue her romantic relationship with Jeff, while being her boss at work and hiding sensitive information from him.
SEC backed off from Pearson Specter but Sean Cahill came back to Harvey to track Fortman’s shady activities. Donna left Harvey to work for Louis as personal secretary after Norma’s death (Louis’ secretary, the lady who was never shown in the series!) almost immediately after Harvey told her, “You know, I love you Donna…” The care and attraction between Donna and Harvey was hard to miss- but they just did extremely well to keep their relationship limited to friendship only.

Suits – Season 5

In my personal opinion I found season 5 the most interesting among the 9 season of Suits.
Just like we got a glimpse of Jessica’s personal life and her wish to return to a faithful and supportive partner after a long day- we get too Harvey in different light in this season.
Unlike the other seasons where Harvey is the best closer of the city or Jessica’s protégé or a handsome lawyer who always wins- this season we get a peep into a more vulnerable and personal side of the character.
After Donna stopped working with Harvey, he started having panic attacks… Harvey was unable to finish his professional commitments without his long-time friend and personal secretary Donna who never needed explicit orders to get things done. Harvey went to take therapies from Dr. Paula Agard and the sessions unraveled Harvey’s difficult childhood to be the root cause of his current state.
Harvey found out about his mother’s extra marital affair at a very young age, trusting in his mother he let it go for once – however keeping this a secret took a huge toll on his mental health. Many years later, adult Harvey found out that his mother never stopped cheating his father- guilty and in anguish Harvey got into a fight with father and shared the secret finally.
After the truth came to light, the family broke apart, Harvey’s mother left with the other guy, Harvey’s younger brother had no money to continue his college education and got into gambling… Harvey’s mother left a long-lasting impression in his heart- making him unable to trust anyone, building a long-lasting relationship, being unable to show his true emotions to anyone at all…
Harvey’s old rival Tanner returned once again and a dream of Donna sleeping with Tanner kept popping up in his subconscious.
Insecure and jealous Louis made a deal with Daniel Hardman’s ally within the firm, Jack Soloff. Harvey’s compensation is revised to teach him a lesson…
Mike worked on a case with Rachel’s father, Robert Zane – but couldn’t help fighting with him because of having different values and work ethics. Mike’s choices at the case made it impossible to have a good rapport with his future father-in-law.
As Rachel and Mike’s wedding was in the talks, Rachel found it difficult to keep the wedding a small and intimate ceremony. Coming from a well-off family, she always dreamt for an extravagant wedding- now that the lavish wedding could cause Mike’s secret getting exposed in the world- Rachel was more than willing to marry in front of 10 people.

Mike and Harvey both resigned from the firm – to save the firm. However Mike got arrested at the same night of his resignation.

The whole fiesta started when Mike was promoted to Junior partner by Jack Soloff after the two worked in a case together. While Harvey’s new secretary helped publishing a news article on youngest junior partner Mike, the reporter reached out to Louis’ love interest Sheila Sazs who was working in Harvard.
As Sheila couldn’t find Mike’s name in her documents- this triggered a question about Mike’s legitimacy.

Ruthless US attorney Anita Gibbs took up the case of proving him guilty- the situation got more and more complicated as Anita would at nothing. Harvey and Mike couldn’t find any possible dirt on Anita’s past to strongarm her… Harvey acted as Mike’s attorney and presented all the proofs, however Mike realized Anita would never let them all go- so he took one for the team and pleaded himself as guilty at the condition that Anita would leave the rest of Mike’s colleagues alone (Mike sacrificing himself was against Harvey’s will but he couldn’t stop him from making the deal).

Harvey came to know from a secret source that the jury actually was planning to return the verdict of not guilty- he kept it a secret as Mike’s confession changed everything. Mike called off the wedding right before walking down the isle after seeing the frowning face of Rachel’s mother. After knowing Mike’s truth they weren’t in favor of the wedding- however Jessica convinced Robert to not miss the wedding.

The season ended with Harvey taking Mike to the prison where he was supposed to serve for 2 years…

Suits – Season 6

On the first night of prison Mike met Harvey’s old enemy Frank Gallo, who could do anything for revenge.
Harvey and Rachel missed Mike in their own ways- Rachel was bullied by her classmate at the law school for Mike. Rachel found a way to gracefully shut down the haters and started working on a innocence project for her professor with help from Jessica.
Jessica was back to courtroom after many years but troubles at the firm kept on knocking at her door. Jessica reminisced her childhood, her relationship with her father who was surgeon, she found a personal cause that was more meaningful to her than the constant struggle to stay at the top of a corporate law firm in New York.
Jessica reconnected with her love interest Jeff Malone, who left her after knowing that she kept Mike’s past secret from him. Jessica left Peason Specter Litt and decided to start a new life with Jeff in Chicago.

Living with Frank Galo in the same prison was life threatening for Mike. When Harvey and Sean Cahill found some common interest, Sean promised to use his powers to transfer Galo from the prison… However Galo turned out to be an informer and couldn’t be transferred. Mike’s cellmate Kevin Miller played an important role to make a deal to cut short Mike’s stay at prison.

After getting out of prison, Harvey offered Mike a job at his old position. Mike refused to take that job and wished to have a fresh start. After being rejected everywhere else, he finally got a job in a legal clinic. Mike got a chance to work for the needy, however not being able to represent client legally made him despair to pass the BAR.

Harvey and Louis helped Rachel and Mike to pass the BAR to be able to practice law legally. Anita Gibbs made it super difficult for Mike to get through, however Jessica and a psychiatrist from the prison vouched for Mike’s character to enable him to go forward- Jessica got disbarred in New York for admitting that she was aware of Mike’s fraudulent activities.

Suits – Season 7

The firm struggles to stay strong after Jessica’s departure. Harvey and Louis decided to act as interim managing partners. Donna went through an existential crisis and finally stood up for a better position in the firm. First as a non-lawyer partner of Pearson Specter Litt she faced a lot of challenges, as people started questioning her abilities… Then she offered to act as the COO and took the responsibility of looking after the associates.
It had been a year since Harvey stopped taking therapies- he reconciled with his mother as well. Harvey and Paula started a romantic relationship. Louis met with Sheila after a while… Sheila had left Louis after the couple had a disagreement about having children, Louis dated another woman who was in an open relationship. However things got complicated when the woman became pregnant with somebody else’s baby. Sheila was engaged to a businessman and was soon to get married, however she was willing to have one last fling with Louis. Louis was torn between his moral values and physical needs. Louis’ therapist helped him understand the underlying reason for always struggling have a committed partner.
By the end of the season, Sheila cancelled her wedding and reconciled with Louis, after Louis got into a legal battle with her fiancé and let her fiancé win.
Donna was heart-broken to see Harvey with somebody else… After being persuaded to confess her true feelings she ended up kissing Harvey out of nowhere- leading to Harvey’s breakup. Paula had demanded Donna’s resignation, unable to convince her otherwise Donna resigned. After the break up, Harvey rehired Donna to her old position. Harvey’s ex-girlfriend Scottie came around but left again after knowing the real reason of Harvey’s break up.

Mike joined back to Pearson Specter Litt and paid a lump sum amount to the legal clinic to help them recruit someone new. Harvey agreed to let Mike work in pro bono cases with the clinic to get back to the society, and for the rest he should work with big clients to bring money to his firm. While working on such a pro- bono Mike, it triggered a conflict of interest for another client of the firm- so he signed to drop off the case. Mike being Mike couldn’t really kept himself away and continued to work on the case.

Harvey had hired his old friend Alex to the firm. It was Alex’s client who was involved in a conspiracy. Because of some past secrets Alex had to make a scene in the courtroom to make the jury drop the case. Mike continued to pursue the case as it was too close to his heart.

Jessica called for Harvey’s help in Chicago in a case, to uplift her community. She ended up losing her license in Chicago as well and got a job offer from the mayor.

Mike and Harvey hatched a plan to rescue Alex from being blackmailed by his clients and old firm. On the other hand Robert Zane’s co-partners were conspiring to throw him off the firm and take over Specter Litt. After careful consideration Robert joined Specter Litt with 15 of his associate ultimately stopping the take over.

Rachel and Mike got married and decided to settle in Seattle where they would start their own firm to work on class action cases.

Suits – Season 8

As the managing partner and name partner of Zane Specter Litt, Robert Zane hired a new senior partner, his right hand and fixer Samantha Wheeler. Harvey, Louis and Alex remained as partners and Donna continued working as COO.
Samantha Wheeler later became a name partner alongside Alex Williams. Sheila became pregnant with Louis’ child. Louis’ protégé, Katrina Bennett makes a senior partner and struggles with romantic feelings for her married personal associate. Donna and Harvey finally admitted their feelings for one another as Season 8 ends, but Donna’s mishandling of client/boyfriend Thomas Kessler forces Robert Zane to sacrifice his legal career for the good of the firm.

Suits – Season 9

Faye Richardson, a special master from the bar, was sent to oversee the firm due to the perception of the underhanded tactics they have been involved with for years. Faye was out to dismantle and destroy the firm but had a dark secrets of her own that can be used to take her down.
On the last episode, Louis and Sheila ran to the hospital to deliver the baby right after saying vows to each other. Harvey proposed and Married Donna at the same venue. The newly married couple went to see the newborn and share their decision to leave the firm and move to Seattle to work along side Mike and Rachel.
Louis stayed back to lead the firm, making Katrina a name partner and continued working in Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett.

My Final Thoughts on the Characters

Harvey Specter

The plot for the first few seasons revolves around Harvey and Mike- catching all the bad guys like Batman and Robbin. Harvey was already at a great place in his career when he met Mike, his encounter with Mike made him more sincere friend, a compassionate lawyer and over all a better man. (Donna’s conversation with Jessica in a later season revealed why both of them supported Harvey and Mike even after Mike bringing so much trouble to the firm)… Harvey’s personal growth was more prominent when he came in terms with his difficult childhood, made peace with his mother whom he boycotted for many years, trying to build a relationship with Paula, then accepting failure and finally confessing his feelings to Donna.

To be honest, I felt that Donna and Harvey’s relationship deserved some more space or a proper ending in the plot than an impromptu wedding at the last episode of a series running for a decade!

Donna Paulsen
Donna Paulsen from Suits will remain one of the sassiest female characters of all time. She is the perfect example of beauty with brain. She stayed committed to her professional life and while maintaining friendly relationship with her boss and love-interest- gotta give her the respect for that. Donna never backed out from sharing honest opinion to a situation to Harvey and sometimes even to Jessica. She was a wonderful friend to Rachel, Mike and Louis. Donna’s intervention between Harvey and Louis kept both of them from taking rash decisions.

Jessica Pearson
I respect and admire Jessica the most among all the character. A woman of color, coming from a humble background and climbing the corporate ladder without taking short-cuts makes her one of my role models.
Jessica struggled to stay at the top most position constantly fighting against the male co-owners, then being disrespected by her subordinates Harvey and Louis from time to time. She handled every difficult situation with so much grace and dignity… She was always far-sighted, humble and clever enough to bow down to her enemy when the situation demanded, yet strong-willed enough to hold her ground tightly.

Jessica finally found her love in Jeff, even though she had to choose commitment to her work over and over again. It’s a realistic portrayal of the personal life of a strong independent woman.

It was Jessica who found Harvey at his lowest, she paid for his college tuition and mentored him. This is the sign of a true leader- a leader who paves the path of others to continue the legacy. Without Jessica, Harvey wouldn’t have been the great lawyer or the best closer of the city!

Louis Litt
In real life we might be closer to Louis Litt than any of the characters. Louis’ character is complicated- he’s neither a saint nor a pure evil. He wanted respect from his best friend and colleague Harvey, but his jealousy and insecurity got the best of him often times. He projected all his anger and bitterness towards the associates working under him, however not exposing their mistakes to the external world… Louis had to work hard to defeat his inner demon to be a better person… He had to confront his own self many times to build better relationships with his friends, colleagues and partner, which needs a lot of courage and self awareness.

Mike Ross
Mike, the protagonist of the story, could remind us of compassion, commitment and loyalty. Even after having rough sail at the beginning of his life, he found a purpose in his life, used his genius to get back to the society. Mike never betrayed his friends, family or his own value system. Great character and all – somehow I can’t connect to this character on a personal level.

Rachel Zane
Coming from rich family, Rachel was reluctant to use his name or money for building her own life. Even though she was one of the best performing paralegal of her firm, she lacked confidence…(lol, I could relate to her in this). Slowly but surely she made her own name, she supported Mike in many difficult situation. Mike and Rachel’s on-screen chemistry blew me away…

So overall I loved the format of the show, focusing on 1-2 cases at a time while dealing with office-politics and personal drama at the same time. I really appreciate the fact the writers chose not to bring common love interest between Harvey and Mike or Harvey and Louis.

I would rate Suits as 4.5/5 and recommend for watching.

Can you guess how many times the name of the firm changed? Tell me in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

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