Tasting and Rating Every Flavor of Baskin Robbins Ice-cream! #308

Baskin Robbins ice-creams have been one of the most beloved sweet treats in my family. I don’t particularly remember when I tasted them for the first time but I can definitely tell that it’s been more than a decade. Now if you are one of those people, who always go for ‘the usual’, this post is not meant for you… But if you are like me, always looking out for new flavors, new tastes- this is the right place to be. Needless to say, the ratings are subjective to my personal preference, I still hope, my food journal helps you to learn a thing or two about food!

Have you noticed the pink part of the Baskin Robbins is 31- meaning 31 distinct flavors of the brand?

Fun fact about Baskin Robbins

Lotus Biscoff – 8.5/10

This one is a relatively new flavor for ice-cream in Indian market I would say. The taste is quite good- reminded me of vanilla ice-cream with generous amount of caramel sauce and glucose biscuits (like Parle-G)!

Black Current – 5/10

I have never tasted the fresh black current fruit- which is a type of berry native to Europe, but available in all over the world. This ice-cream tasted very medicinal- more like cough-syrup. Definitely not a fan!

Verry Berry Strawberry – 8.5/10
This ain’t your regular strawberry ice-cream with pink color and artificial flavor.
This ice-cream was really good and it had chunks of strawberries, liked is very much! The base ice-cream was super creamy as well.

Chocolate Almond Praline – 8.5/10
Chocolate is my all time favorite flavor, however such a rich, decedent and chocolatey ice-cream is hard to find. I could barely feel the almond praline. It’s still one of the best.

Alphonso Mango – 9/10

Among all the mango flavored ice-creams I have tasted so far, this one definitely comes as top.

Bavarian Chocolate – 8.9/10

This one could have been my most favorite. It has the rich chocolate ice-cream mixed up with fudge brownies. I opted for marshmallow toppings- the marshmallows seemed to be stale- otherwise the taste of the ice-cream was very good.

Honey Nut Crunch – 9/10

Food is not just about the flavor- its also about smell, texture and much more.
Honey Nut Crunch is my top pick because of the distinct flavor of honey and crunch from the perfectly roasted almonds in silky smooth ice-cream base. Mum found this one overly sweet- but I’ll leave you up to you guys to decide your top favorite!

Raspberry Sorbet – 7/10

This is the first time I tried sorbets- tasted exactly like frozen raspberries. I can seen myself having Raspberry sorbet on hot summer days!

Splish Splash Ice Cream – 3/10

I was intrigued by the name and the bright color of the ice-cream. Flavor-wise it taste very similar to medicine, cough syrup in particular. The rating is based on my personal preference.

My Mom is an Allien – 7/10

Intriguing name, yet not very appetizing to look at- I had to try this one with open mind. This ice-cream is not a unique flavor, rather it’s a mix of some classic flavors with variety of topping. The added crunch definitely elevated the experience. I would recommend this ice-cream if you can go past the looks!

Other ice-cream flavors that I tried but couldn’t find photos.
1. Vanilla – 6/10 – The ice-cream quality is good, not a big fan of plain vanilla ice-cream
2. Butter-scotch – 6.5/10 – Same goes for butter-scotch, my parents ‘usual’ choice, I don’t have it if I can help
3.Mississippi Mud – 7.5/10 – Another good quality chocolate ice-cream, with a hint of bitterness.
4. Mint Milk Chocolate Chips 5/10 – If you like mint flavored ice-cream, you probably like eating tooth-paste too 😛
5. Gold Medal Ribbon 7.5/10 – The caramel syrup isn’t enough, tastes close to the plain vanilla because of that.
6. Cookie Crumble Cream with Oreo 7.5/10 – It’s a decent one, can never get enough of oreo cookie crumbles though!

Cake Roles/Ice-cream Roles
These are swiss roles made of excellent quality cake with with layers of ice-cream in-between. I couldn’t find pics for these, I will add them if I try them again 🙂
Bavarian Knight Role 8.5/10
Mississippi Mud Role 8/10
Red Velvet Cake Role 8/10

Ice-cream Cakes:

KitKat Ice-cream Cake – 8.5/10

This one was decedent and chocolatey. Ice-cream cakes from Baskin Robbins are pretty small in size, something you might want to keep in mind while buying them for any events.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice-cream cake – 7.5/10

Cheesecakes and blueberries are my favorite picks in desserts- so I was super-excited to try this one. Somehow the ice-cake tasted closer to vanilla than blueberries or cheesecake. There was a good amount of whipped cream at top with frozen blueberries. It could be a decent ice-cream cake on its own but didn’t do so well being a Blueberry Cheesecake Ice-cream cake.

Lotus Bischoff Ice-cream cake – 9/10

This one is my most favorite from the ice-cream cakes menu of Baskin Robbins. The thick caramel layer, the rich ice cream with thin layer of vanilla cake and crushed graham crackers as the base (similar to cheesecake)- every bite of this ice-cream was equally delightful.

I would 100% recommend this ice-cream cake.

Baskin Robbins Dulce De Leche Bar – 8/10 – If you are tired of the regular choco-bars, you can definitely give it a try.
Chocolate Brownie- 9/10 – Did you know Baskin Robbins has very good chocolate brownies, taste amazing with the in-house ice-cream of theirs- only problem could be the brownies are not sold as much as the ice-creams as people are unaware.
Waffles with Ice-creams – 8.5/10 – We found 2 different variety of breakfast waffles with ice-cream scoops for home-delivery. It was holiday season, and the ice-cream completely melted by the time we got the order… The quality of the waffle was really good, we have been asking to send the orders in good packaging ever since!

There are still a lot of flavors which I am yet to try in Baskin Robbins. But as soon as I try, I’ll update them here… 🙂 Thanks for reading. See you in my next food quest!!

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