Finding the best flavor of Naturals Ice-creams #309

Naturals Ice-cream was introduced to me by my friends from work… In pre-covid era, people used to wait in long queue in midnight to get the ice-cream. I got lucky when the brand opened a store in my hometown and I could skip the lines and taste all the exclusive flavors.
Naturals have ice-creams made from the seasonal fruits, so if you wanna try a particular one you may need to keep an eye on the delivery app for getting it.

Strawberry Ice-cream : 8.5/10
Strawberry Ice-cream from Naturals is one of the best strawberry ice-creams I’ve ever had.
The ice-cream is surprisingly whitish is color in contrast to pink ice-cream with artificial flavors. It has chunks of strawberries in it- just perfect!

Lychee Ice-cream: 9/10
Lychee is one of my most favorite fruits. Lychee ice-cream is quite a unique flavor to begin with, there is very good amount of Lychees in the ice-cream, so you won’t miss them in any bite.

Sitaphal Ice-cream (Custard Apple): 8.5/10
This one is the most popular flavor in Naturals. This one as well, is a hard-to-get flavor in any other ice-cream brand.
It’s sweet, creamy and custardy- everything that make the ice-cream great.

Roasted Almond Ice-cream: 8/10
This is one of the flavors which you can buy around the year from Naturals.
The good thing about this ice-cream is the amount of roasted almonds in the ice-cream. The base ice-cream seemed a little light to me.
Also, you can find this flavor in other ice-cream brands too, at a cheaper price, with less almonds of course!

Tender Coconut Ice-cream : 8.5/10
This is another good flavor offered by the brand, tender coconut flesh mixed with plain vanilla ice-cream base is definitely a refreshing treat for us at any time.

Mullberry Ice-cream : 9.5/10
I tried mullberry ice-cream last year when it was available for very limited time.
I have never tasted the fruit- mullberry, but I absolutely loved this new exclusive flavor. The taste is hard to explain- pretty different from anything that I have tasted before.

So if you wanna try new flavors, this would be my top pick for recommendation.

Coffee Walnut Ice-cream: 7/10

This ice-cream was decent, there was prominent flavor and taste of coffee and crunch from the walnuts, but the base ice-cream tasted a bit watery. Could be because of frosting and defrosting multiple times, or something else. If I happen to try it again and have a better experience I will update my review.

Mango Ice-cream 7.5/10
Mango flavored ice-cream is very common in India during summer, however getting an ice-cream without the artificial flavor is the real deal.
This ice-cream is very good, quite flavorful- my experience would have been better if there were recognizable fruit chunks in the ice-cream rather than completely mixed up with the base.

Consider this as a live blog, if I happen to come across more unique flavors from Naturals, I will surely give them a try and talk about it here.
Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    (April 27, 2023 - 4:34 am)

    Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –
    and delicious flavor, and Naturals does an exceptional job with it. The ice-cream is creamy and smooth, with a perfect balance of sweetness and freshness. The lychee flavor is not overpowering, but rather subtle and refreshing. I highly recommend trying it out! Overall, I am impressed with Naturals Ice-cream and their commitment to using seasonal fruits in their flavors. It’s refreshing to see a brand that prioritizes natural ingredients and quality over artificial flavors and additives. Keep up the good work, Naturals!
    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
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