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Watch this Mockumentary for Corporate Slaves: The Office (2005-2013) #304

It was the year 2021, when I stumbled upon some really funny clips from The Office on YouTube. After watching bunch of clips I was hooked, I needed to know more about the show!

I definitely have stumbled upon memes made with Jim’s face on it, back in 2012- didn’t know the original source of that still back then…

The Office is completely different from what I watch usually (i.e. Romantic drama)- it’s a mockumentary sitcom around the daily adventures (and misadventures) of the employees of a paper company named Dunder Mifflin. The story is mainly focused on the people working in the Scranton branch, even though we are introduced some characters working in other branches… The show was an American adaptation of a British TV show with the same name, however the American version stretched much further, ran for 8 years and 9 seasons!

It’s like some agency is making a documentary on the people working in the paper company- the camera crew captures almost everything- from the daily office drama, the office romance, the illegal activities – EVERYTHING.

Instead of the premise, I wanna talk more about some of the main characters of the show…

Michael Scott (Played by Steve Carell): The insufferable manger/boss of the Scranton brunch, whose life’s only mission could be to make all the office workers uncomfortable. He was racist, sexist, homophobic and everything you’d possibly don’t want your boss to be.

Through the seasons, Michael’s character went through major transformation, maybe because of the conscious decision made by the writers of the show…

“Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it’s not like this compulsive need like my need to be praised.”

Michael Scott

Jim (Played by John Krasinski):  If your girlfriend watches The Office, she’s not your girl anymore, she’s Jim’s girl. Jim Halpert was probably the most normal and relatable character in the show. A very talented and introverted guy, who was madly in love with his best friend at work, Pam. Jim was also a valuable employee of the company, he was afraid of being stuck in a mediocre job and losing the purpose of his life.

By the end of the show, Jim could actually step out of his comfort zone and find himself a more challenging and fulfilling job.

“I think it’s great that the company’s making a commercial, because not very many people have heard of us. I mean, when I tell people I work at Dunder Mifflin, they think that we sell mufflers or muffins or mittens or…and frankly, all of those sound better than paper, so I let it slide.”

Jim Halpert

Pam Beesly (Played by Jenna Fischer): Pam started her career as a receptionist and continued in that role for many years- for not being able to speak up. She couldn’t protest to the inappropriate comments that everyone used to make about her at work. She was in an abusive relationship with a guy named Roy, working in the warehouse. Pam was fond of Jim’s company, planning pranks with him, sharing office gossips and what not. After Jim confessed his feelings for her, after some initial hiccups, she got together with Jim. The couple eventually got married and became parents. Along the way Pam grew both professionally and personally, she learnt to take risks. Pam started taking art classes- something she was passionate about for long time, she demanded for a position in sales team, provided her colleagues emotional support from time to time.

“Usually on sexual harassment day everyone harasses me… as a joke.” 

Pam Beesly

Kelly and Ryan (played by Mindy Kaling and B. J. Novak):  Kelly was the only Indian girl/minority. Kelly is the mean girl, whom we can all appreciate from a safe distance.

“I don’t talk trash, I talk smack. They’re totally different. Trash talk is all hypothetical, like: ‘Your mom is so fat she can eat the Internet.’ But smack talk is happening like right now, like: ‘You’re ugly and I know it for a fact ’cause I got the evidence right there.”

Kelly Kapoor

Ryan joined as intern and later turned into permanent employee. He was talented and cunning- the job at Dunder Mifflin was too basic for him… In his earlier days, he used to torture by Michael for no apparent reason… Later he graduated from business school and took over his formal boss’s position. Ryan’s ambition and being out of touch with reality cost him heavily- he was arrested for legal issues- Michael gave him a second chance by appointing him again!

“I’m such a perfectionist that I’d kinda rather not do it at all than do a crappy version.”


Dwight Schrute (Played by Rainn Wilson):  The show wouldn’t have the funny, if it wasn’t for Dwight. I am short of words to truly describe his character. Always in competition with Jim, coming up with weird ideas to survive post-apocalyptic world, trying to manipulate Michael to make him his assistant- Dwight became one of the closest friends to Jim and Pam.

Mostly self-righteous Dwight’s scandalous office romance with Angela would definitely leave the audience rolling on the floor laughing- also the Schrute family’s tradition.

“My perfect Valentine’s Day? I’m at home. Three cell phones in front of me. Fielding desperate calls from people who want to buy one of the 50 restaurant reservations I made over six months ago.”


Angela Martin (Played by Angela Kinsey):  Short, white, blonde, Christian girl Angela was in the accounting team. Angela used to dislike almost all of her colleagues and she used to maintain her own standard by not chitchatting with them.

Angela was a private person, she was cat mom (sometimes licking her cats to clean them!), she dated a homosexual mayor and secretly liked Dwight for many years and ender up marrying him at the very last season.

“If you pray enough you can change yourself into a cat person.”


Kevin: Kevin was fluffy guy and seemed to have no grey cells in his brain- still managing to work in the accounts for many years.

“Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick. When me president they see. THEY SEE.”


Oscar: Oscar was the only homosexual employee. Oscar served the purpose of bringing out Michael Scott’s insensibility towards gay people. He loved to be factually correct all the time! (don’t we all?) Things got juicier when Angela’s fiancé (the mayor) started showing interest in him!

“What exactly is my responsibility here? To comfort an insecure heterosexual man? That can’t possibly fall to me.”


Stanley: Stanley was the senior black employee, generally unconcerned about anyone or anything happening in the office. He was just silently waiting for his retirement.

“I wake up every morning in a bed that’s too small, driving my daughter to a school that’s too expensive and then I go to work to a job for which I get paid too little, But on pretzel day, well, I like pretzel day.”


Creed: A guy probably too old to work, nobody knew his true identity… Creed was definitely the shady guy with lots of dark secrets.

“I’m a pretty normal guy. I do one weird thing. I like to go in the women’s room for number two. I’ve been caught several times and I have paid dearly”


Meredith and Phylis: They both were middle aged women working in the office. They weren’t in middle of any drama, however somehow they both hated Pam…

Toby: Toby was the HR, who barely had any say in anything. Toby tried to warn obnoxious and ignorant Michael to be more profession, and ended up being the enemy of ‘fun’. Toby definitely had a crush on Pam, which he could never say out loud. Sending a memo on PDA after Jim and Pam got together was his way of showing jealousy. Michael used to hate Toby with every cell in his body, for being the buzz killer.

Michael: I know what you wanna ask me, did your mom ever see you naked?

Toby: We can do this with more privacy.

Michael: So you can molest me? Okay, I don’t think so. We’re gonna keep the blinds open so everyone can see what a big failure you are.

David Wallace: David Wallace was the boss of all the brunch manager including Michael. He was a middle-aged dad, a really patient dad to his own daughter and sometimes to Michael as well…!

“I was happy to send Michael on this trip. He’s been feeling pretty down since we had to transfer Holly up to New Hampshire and… But this little perk really seemed to turn him around. And it’s pretty tough to find somebody who wants to go up to Winnipeg mid-November.”


Andy, Errin, Karen: There are so many characters introduced in the later seasons that it’s next to impossible talk about them all… Andy was guy with anger issues, who was trying too hard to become friends with Michael. Errin became the next receptionist and became Michael’s perfect partner in crime. Erin was probably the golden retriever of humans.

Last but not the least, Karen- the only Karen, whom we can’t hate and who definitely doesn’t wanna talk to the manager. Jim met Karen and Andy while working in a different brunch, later they moved to the Scranton brunch. Karen was in love with Jim, after some persuasion Jim started dating her. However the sparkle between Jim and Pan was hard to miss when she shifted to Scranton. Inevitably they broke up and heart-broken Karen joined another brunch…

Now that I have covered most of the important characters let’s talk about some of the plots from the long-running series…

Michael’s Love Life: Obnoxious boss at work and submissive and abused partner at home… Michael was dating his immediate supervisor Jan secretly. Their relationship was the perfect example of power struggle and dysfunctional relationship. In later seasons, Michael briefly dated Pam’s mother (which is so bizarre considering his shameless attempts to flirt with Pam in the early seasons). Michael’s one true love was undoubtedly Holly, who came to the office as a temporary replacement of Toby in the HR. Holly was the only person who could perfectly match with Michael’s chaotic energy.

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

Michael Scott

Jim and Pam: They are one of my most favorite TV couples so far… Jim and Pam started as work friends. It’s hard to tell who developed feeling first, however it was Jim who made his confession first. Pam, unaware of her own feeling, was still taking a detour with her abusive boyfriend/fiancé Roy. Pam rejected Jim and called off her wedding with Roy. Unable to face Pam on daily basis, Jim went to work in a different brunch.

Jim’s disappearance helped Pam to own her feelings, they dated for few months and got married. Unlike other TV couples, Jim and Pam got real after marriage- it was definitely not happily ever after for them. The couple faced many road-blocks with respect to career choices, finding the right house to live in, bringing up 2 kids when Jim was occupied with his passion projects as well… they bickered, they questioned their choices but ultimately made it through as a team!

” Jim is not allowed to talk until after he buys me a coke. Those are the rules of jinx, and they are unflinchingly rigid.”

Pam Beesly

Dwight and Angela: Dwight and Angela were the secret couple who couldn’t escape the notorious camera crew. Angela getting engaged with mayor wrecked Dwight’s heart. Angela didn’t want Dwight to propose her just because of her surprise pregnancy, so she kept quite. When Dwight proposed to her willing to accept her child irrespective of who the father was, she confessed the truth. Angela’s gay husband’s affair with her gay colleague- this was quite interesting plot to watch.

“I love you, and I don’t care that Phillip’s not my son. I will raise a hundred children with a hundred of your lovers if it means I can be with you.”

Dwight’s proposal to Angela

Dwight and Jim’s Prank War:  Dwight could treat Jim like his mortal enemy but he was his closest friend as well. Honestly, I can never get tired of watching the prank wars between the two.

“Jim is my enemy. But it turns out that Jim is also his own worst enemy. And the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So Jim is actually my friend. But, because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy, so actually, Jim is my enemy..”


Kelly and Ryan love-hate relationship: Another toxic, yet interesting office couple was Ryan and Kelly. Kelly was the mean girl, manipulative, chatty and demanding. Ryan on the other hand was extremely selfish and always looking for his own interest. Even though Ryan was ‘using’ Kelly, he couldn’t help getting manipulated by Kelly from time to time.

“I’d rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that love?”


They split up for few years- Ryan’s girlfriend left him with his child and Kelly was dating an Indian origin doctor. They met again on Dwight and Angela’s wedding… Ditching the child and the doctor, Ryan and Kelly rode off to the sunshine!

 “Fall in love, have babies, spend every second together. But don’t tell him that, OK? Just tell him I’m like up for anything, I mean I’m not a slut, but who knows?”

Kelly Kapoor

In the final note I’d say that Michael Scott is definitely the heart and soul of the series. Narcissist and intolerable at first, Michael did grow up to be the boss who could support his employees like his family. He was the one showing to Pam’s art exhibition. He was the one taking Jim to Hooters after knowing about his heart-break… He put his faith in Ryan, when he was a lost cause… When he resigned from Dunder Mifflin, he built Michael Scott paper company with his side kicks – Ryan and Pam. Even though the small company wasn’t doing profitable business and it created a threat big enough to make David Wallace buy back the new competitor and offer them revised salaries! Insensible in the beginning, but somehow he managed to make his employees stick together and perform much better than the other brunches. You gotta give him credits for the “That’s what she said” jokes if not anything else! The last couple of seasons, the show ran after Michael Scott wasn’t so good- it had few good moments here and there…

I was mind blown to know that Steve Carell (or Michael Scott), Mindy Kaling (Or Kelly), B. J. Novak (Or Ryan) and some more characters worked as writers as well! The Office was definitely a great show, which I will continue to appreciate for many years- however, I don’t think I would have enjoyed the show as a student/teenager… I feel the show would have more appeal to the people who had worked in the corporate.

I have included some of my top favorite quotes that best describe the characters, but these are definitely not enough!… Tell me your most favorite episode from the show, mine is “The fire drill” (Dwight staging fire incident to raise awareness, ending up making it life-threatening for his colleagues) and “The Casino Night” (Jim proposing to Pam).

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