Introvert’s Day out at South City Mall, Kolkata #303

It’s been a hot minute since I wrote about my day… Honestly, everyday seems more or less the same, except for my emotions and level of motivation being slightly different.

Not like I was out to just to treat myself on a weekday with day drinking!

I had some urgent work in Kolkata, near South City Mall… As we finished our work pretty swiftly, we had like 2-3 hours of time to hang out before heading back to home. I wasn’t particularly inspired for retail therapy, however my shoes were a constant reminder of “I need a pair of comfy shoes… ASAP.” After checking 4-5 stores, I finally found a pair shoes that saved my feet.

Once I was free from the excruciating pain in my toes from wearing that hideous pair of shoes- I was pumped up to go for some window shopping. Needless to say, window shopping turned into real shopping as soon as I found something cute.

My sister was getting all impatient as she wanted to checkout some books. But before that we went to Café Mezzuna. Unlike other times, it was my sister’s suggestion as she already went there with her friend.

We went inside and ordered food, didn’t take more than 15 mins to get the starter and this delicious pizza. The food was really good, there was not a lot of crowd, being it a weekday.

After a pleasant meal at Cafe Mezzuna, we stumbled upon a cookie shop named “Indulgence Cookies”… I got a bunch of different cookies from there assuming them to be soft baked cookies. Each one of them cost me around Rs. 70 and had a soggy texture and artificial taste – it was a let-down, for sure.

Bane of my existence or cookies

After that my sister went on a quest to check out the fresh arrivals at the book store and I promised myself to not buy anything more and kept myself contented only with the window shopping.

After an hour or so, we reunited and hopped in a cab to come back home. It has been more than 6 years since I visited this place, until that day… I remember going to this place to hang out with my friends or do shopping before graduation…

Well, that’s about the day guys! Thanks for reading… 🙂

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