Crazy Rich Asians(2018) – A Modern-day fairy tale Love Story #301

Another day, another romcom. I learned about Crazy Rich Asians solely from YouTube. It’s a modern-day romance with a sprinkle of comedy.

The Plot of Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu, an economics professor at New York University, was raised by her single immigrant mother. Her boyfriend Nick Young invited her to accompany him to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. During the flight, Nick mentioned that his family was “comfortable.” Upon arriving in Singapore, they stayed at a hotel where Nick lied to Rachel about his mother disapproving of their relationship. Despite being born and raised in NYC, Rachel was pleasantly surprised by the rich culture of the country. She met with her college friend Goh and learned that her seemingly humble boyfriend was actually incredibly wealthy – a “Crazy Rich Asian”! Goh helped Rachel get ready for an evening party at the Young Family estate where she met Nick’s mother and grandmother.

Nick’s mother, Eleanor, didn’t like Rachel much but his grandma was impressed. We also meet Nick’s cousin, Astrid, who is kind and grounded. She is married to a man from a humble background and has recently discovered he had an extramarital affair. The next day, Rachel attends the bachelorette party with the bride while Nick goes with his best friend. At the party, Rachel runs into Nick’s ex-girlfriend who reveals that their class differences would prevent approval of their relationship by Nick’s family. Other girls at the party call Rachel a “gold-digger” for dating Nick. Meanwhile, Nick confides in his best friend about his intention to propose to Rachel on this trip but worries about inevitable conflicts due to expectations that he will take over his family’s business empire while Rachel loves her job as a professor in NYC.

Nick and Rachel gathered with Nick’s family to make dumplings. During the gathering, Nick’s grandmother scolded Eleanor, leaving everyone uncomfortable. Later on, Nick apologized to Rachel for hiding his true identity. In Nick’s absence, Eleanor mocked Rachel by stereotyping Western culture and insinuating that she would never be enough for the Young family. However, Rachel’s friend boosted her confidence and encouraged her to stand up for herself.

On the wedding day, Nick couldn’t take his eyes off of Rachel who had received a beautiful makeover from one of Nick’s second cousins. However, during the event, both Nick’s mother and grandmother confronted Rachel about her father in front of everyone present. Despite growing up believing that her father was dead, it turns out that through a private investigator hired by the Youngs’, they discovered that Rachel was an illegitimate child whose mother’s husband was still alive.

As a result of this revelation at the wedding reception party itself; they asked him to break things off with her in order to avoid any scandal or further complications arising from their relationship.

The whole thing really affected Rachel. She went back to her college friend’s house and stayed in bed for many days. When Rachel’s mother came to visit, she revealed the full story: Rachel’s husband had abused her. One of her close friends supported and comforted her, which eventually led to an unplanned pregnancy. In fear of the abusive man, Rachel’s mother traveled with the child to the States and started a new life.

Rachel’s mother also talked about Nick, who arranged her trip to comfort Rachel. After all this, Nick apologized on behalf of his family and proposed abandoning them for Rachel. Later on, when playing a game with Eleanor, Rachel shared that proposal but ultimately rejected it because she didn’t want Nick to lose his family’s love and support.

Nick’s cousin, Astrid, confronted her husband. He blamed the issues in their marriage on the difference in social class between their families. However, Astrid saw through his excuse and left him after telling him that it was his ego, not her family’s wealth, that ruined their relationship.

Rachel and her mother were about to board a flight to New York when Nick proposed again – this time with his mother’s ring as a sign of Eleanor’s approval and blessing. The couple had an engagement party in Singapore where Astrid met someone who admired her.

My Thoughts on the Movie

I love movies where the female character is strong and independent, not constantly seeking her partner’s love and attention. That’s exactly what Rachel embodies. I appreciate Nick for supporting Rachel, being humble, and building a life without his family’s help. Goh was also enjoyable to watch as Rachel’s friend. Lastly, the rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” in this movie always makes me feel dreamy whenever I listen to it.

Over all I would rate this movie 4/5.

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