Crazy Rich Asians(2018) – A Modern-day fairy tale Love Story #301

Another day, another romcom. I came to know about the movie Crazy Rich Asians, solely from YouTube… It’s a simple story of modern-day romance with sprinkle of comedy.

The Plot

Rachel Chu, an economics professor at New York University, was brought up by her single immigrant mother. Her boyfriend Nick Young asked her to accompany him to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. On the flight to Singapore, Nick talked about his family, being decently “comfortable”. After landing in Singapore, the couple stayed in a hotel, Nick lied to Rachel about his mother’s disapproval of the relationship.

Born and brought up in NYC, Rachel was pleasantly surprised after witnessing the rich culture of the country. Rachel went to meet her college friend Goh, after talking with Goh and her family members Rachel realized that her humble-looking boyfriend was filthy rich – or we can call them “Crazy Rich Asians”! Goh made Rachel ready for the evening party at Young Family estate where he introduced her to his mother and grandmother.

Nick’s mother Eleanor didn’t like her much but grandma was impressed.

We are also introduced with Nick’s cousin, Astrid- who was very kind, loving and ground to earth. Astrid was married to a guy from humble background. Astrid found out about her husband’s extra marital affair.

The next day, Rachel went to the bachelorette party with the bride and Nick went with his best friend. Rachel stumbled upon Nick’s ex-girlfriend who told her that his family would never approve the relationship attributing to the class difference. Rachel was called “gold-digger” by other girls for dating Nick… Nick on the other hand, had a heart-to-heart with his best friend and told him his intention to propose Rachel on this trip. His friend raised his concern about the inevitable conflict that they would have to face for this – Nick being expected to stay back and take over his family’s business empire and Rachel loving her job as a professor in NYC.

Nick and Rachel gathered together for making dumplings with Nick’s family. Nick’s grandmother scolded Eleanor leaving everybody uncomfortable, Nick apologized to Rachel for hiding his true identity and later in Nick’s absence Eleanor mocked Rachel stereotyping western culture and how she would never be enough for the Young family. Rachel’s friend boosted her confidence and motivated her stand up for herself.

The wedding day arrived, Nick couldn’t take his eyes off Rachel who was given a gorgeous makeover by Rachel’s friend and Nick’s second cousin. Nick’s mother and grandmother confronted Rachel about her father, in front of Nick. Growing up Rachel knew that her father was dead, however through a private investigator the Young ladies dug out that Rachel was an illicit child and her mother’s husband was still alive. They asked the Nick to break to avoid getting involved in a scandal.

The whole thing wrecked Rachel very badly, she went back to her college friend’s house and didn’t leave bed for many days. Rachel’s mother came to meet her and told her the full story- her husband used abuse her, when one of her close friends stayed by her side and comforted her, eventually they got closer and ended up in a unplanned pregnancy. In fear of the abusive man, Rachel’s mother travelled to the States with the child and started a new life. Rachel’s mother also talked about Nick, who arranged her trip to comfort Rachel. After all these, Nick apologized to Rachel on behalf of his family and proposed her willing to abandon his family for her.

The next Rachel met with Eleanor for a game and told her about the proposal. Rachel rejected Nick as she didn’t want him to lose his family’s love and support.

Nick’s cousin Astrid confronted her husband and the guy only blamed it on the class difference between the 2 families. Astrid left her husband after telling that it was his big fat ego, not her family’s wealth that ruined their marriage.

Rachel and her mother were ready to get on the flight for New York, when Nick proposed her once again- this time with his mother’s ring, indicating Eleanor’s approval and blessing. The two had an engagement party in Singapore, where Astrid met an admirer.

My Thoughts on the Movie

I love any movie where the female character is strong and independent, not swooning every 5 seconds for her partner’s love and attention. That’s about Rachel. I liked Nick for supporting Rachel, for being humble and trying to build a life on his own without his family’s support. Rachel’s friend, Goh was really fun to watch.

Over all I would rate this movie 4/5.

Last but not the least, I absolutely loved the rendition of the song “Can’t help falling in love with you” in this movie- makes me dreamy every time I listen to the song.

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