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Watch Enola Holmes (2020) with your family today! #297

There are some occasions when I would really want to watch a movie along with my not-so-modern family. Finding a movie where me and my sister don’t have to “get the water” and “check the door” every 5 minutes is getting trickier day by day. Enola Holmes is definitely a family friendly movie and it gave me the much needed from typical romance.

The 2020 mystery film is adapted from “Enola Holmes” by Nancy Springer.

The Plot

Sherlock Holmes’s sister Enola was the youngest in the family. From a very young age, Enola was gifted with a sharp mind and extraordinary abilities to observe. Enola’s mother honed her skills even further training her from chess to martial arts and everything in-between. Instead of learning the mannerisms of a Victorian lady, she grew up to be free-spirited and strong girl who wouldn’t flinch in front of a danger.

Enola’s mother disappeared on the day of her 16th birthday leaving her some gifts. In a matter of week, Enola’s older brothers Mycroft and Sherlock came back home. The eldest sibling couldn’t appreciate Enola’s witty mind, Sherlock on the other hand was more intrigued than disappointed. When Mycroft was planning to send her off to a school for finishing her lessons in ‘how to be a proper lady’, Enola deciphered the hidden message in her birthday card left by her mother.

As per the clue Enola left for London in search of her mother. On her way, she stumbled upon a young boy, Viscount Tewkesbury, who too was running away from home, but for very different reasons. A guy named Linthorn tried to kill him on the train, Enola and Tewkesbury jumped off the train to save themselves… Later they parted their ways to London.

Enola took the disguise of a Victorian lady and kept on the looking for more clues- she found out her mother to be involved with a radical group. Linthorn found out Enola and threatened to kill her to get whereabouts of the missing viscount- Enola escaped the scene without giving any info out.

Worrying the young boy’s life to be in danger she went to his family to as Sherlock Holme’s personal assistant- however got dismissed by the family. Meanwhile, Mycroft appoint a person to look out for Enola.

Enola found out Tewkesbury working in flower shop, however the inspector took Enola back home and the young lord fled away as requested by Enola. Enola was sent back to school and her brother took away all the money she had to prevent further escape.

With help of Tewkesbury, Enola escaped her school and decided to confront Tewkesbury’s true enemy – his uncle as per Enola’s calculation. Upon entering the house, they had to take a fight with the appointed killer only to discover the true master mind- Tewkesbury’s grandmother who was strictly traditionalist and did not wish the young boy to take his father’s place and vote for the reform bill.

Enola decided to continue her life living as a private detective in anonymity and away from her elder siblings. Enola’s mother finally gave her a surprise visit to express how proud she was of her little girl.

My Thoughts

I definitely found myself sitting on the edge of the couch while watching the movie… Henry Cavil as Sherlock Holmes almost had me killed, in a good way of course! Millie Bobby Brown as Enola was probably the best casting decision… a young boy or a Victorian lady- Millie molded herself in every guise so perfectly… I thought there will be a little more to the story of the young lord and Enola- call me vein for searching romance everywhere- however I am perfectly contented with the plot and how the movie ended keeping room for endless possibilities! Needless to say, I absolutely loved Enola putting the puzzle pieces together to find her mother on her own- not looking up to anybody else.

All in all, I’d rate this movie 4 out of 5.

Fun Fact: Enola Holmes 2 will be releasing soon, November, 2022.

Thanks for reading! Much Love! 🙂

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