Things that I observed after Rewatching The Vampire Diaries – Season 1 #296

It’s barely been a month and TVD fever is still ON!!! Hence I started re-watching the episodes right from season 1. So, this time around I wanna take it slow- take more time to observe the characters, their subtle expressions…

The story started with Elena going back to school after the summer break… The break in which she lost both of her parents to a car accident. After months of grief she’s finally trying to turn her life around.

Bonnie and Caroline are her 2 best friends from elementary. Matt is another best friend who she dated and strung along for a while and finally broke up with.

She met Stefan on the very first day of her return. Elena and Stefan clicked pretty instantly- there’s nothing much chase between them before they both fell for each other. Elena accepted Stefan as a vampire and still wished to continue to see him.

Stefan’s handsome brother Damon was someone intriguing to her… It was hard for her comprehend how come this brother was so selfish and careless and always trying to make Stefan’s life miserable.

Talking about the characters now…


Season 1 Bonnie is the purest soul, a simple girl who just happened to know about her family heritage of witchcraft. Bonnie’s grandmother Sheila was another powerful character in season 1. Throughout the season Bonnie had a love-hate relationship with the Salvatore brothers.

Witches are not natural friends with vampires. Yet for the sake Elena’s happiness and Stefan’s goodwill Bonnie came to rescue the Salvatore brothers multiple times…

I truly appreciate how Bonnie became one of the best friends of the Salvatore brothers in the later seasons.


Caroline was a judgy little thing in season 1- always acting immature and insensitive. Trying to compete with Elena and miserably failing to draw the right kind of attention. She was interested in Stefan from the moment she saw him – however Stef couldn’t care less about her.

Caroline could be shallow in the first season- however she was still good at heart and was trying her best to do the right thing.

Caroline was one of the victims to careless Damon. Damon abused her, fed on her blood and compelled her to do his dirty work- so that he could keep Stefan on check and free up Katherine from the tomb. How can we all forget how evil Damon was in season 1!!


Matt was probably the only normal character- who had to work to pay his bills. His family life was rough. Father was nowhere to be seen. Sister Vicky- a drug addict. Mother living somewhere else with her boyfriend.

Matt’s mother made a come-back and couldn’t get things right with her son. She disapproved Caroline as Matt’s gf- she on the other hand was found making out Damon and Tyler on 2 different occasions- making it extremely awkward for Matt.

Caroline and Matt’s human relationship was nice to see… Both of them trying to be their for each other. Matt not being over Elena and Elena almost innocently bringing herself between them wasn’t fair to the relationship or to Caroline.


I absolutely hated the character of Vicky, Matt’s sister. She was crushing on Matt’s friend Tyler and also playing with Elena’s brother Jeremy. Damon killed and turned Vicky into a vampire after which she became a threat to both Elena and Jeremy. In order to save them- Stef staked her.

Lexi and her bf

Stefan’s bff Lexi arrived the town to celebrate his birthday… Stef and Elena were still second-guessing their feelings… She pushed both of them towards each other. Unfortunately she was killed by Damon on the very day by Damon – which he later explained was necessary for the greater good!

Lexi’s bf later hunted down Damon and wanted to kill him- Elena’s lecture saved Damon’s life.


From the friendly history teacher to vampire hunter – we got it all for Alaric. Originally in search of his wife’s killer (Damon), was revengeful at first.
After learning the truth that Damon didn’t kill Isobel (his wife), rather turned her after being pursuaded by her for long broke his heart… He finally changed his mind about killing Damon and sort of became one of his companions.

Isobel and Uncle John

Well, well, well… we come to know about Elena’s birth parents. It’s the same person whom Alaric was married to. Isobel made her return as a vampire, she didn’t return as a mother- rather to get something for her vampire friends which was in Salvatore brothers’ possession… by the end of season 1, she spilled the truth – she was fascinated with vampirism and left her loving husband for that- she regretted that deeply afterwards.

John Gilbert was not a lovely man- he was a ruthless vampire hunter who wanted to get rid of all the blood suckers of the town. There were only few instances where he truly cared for his family – Elena and Jeremy.


We see many colors of Damon in the first season. Starting with I-don’t-give-a-damn-about-others to I-wanna-do-this-right. Even in all the fight and rivalry, he was truly the brother Stefan needed.

Be it the charm or wit, Damon planted himself successfully in the secret council run by the founder’s family… What an irony… A vampire being the beloved member of a vampire killing committee meant for humans… Also Caroline’s mother Elizabeth Forbes became a good friend of Damon. I might never forgive Damon for abusing innocent Caroline in season 1, however his purely platonic friendship with Liz over the seasons only got better and better.

Damon pined for Katherine (The common love interest of the Salvatore brothers) for 145 years knowing that she was stuck in a tomb. He did everything he could to get back to her- only to realize that Katherine wasn’t there to begin with.

All the years that he spent making arrangements to set her free- Katherine didn’t bother to contact him.

It wasn’t easy for him to see Stefan and Elena (the girl who exactly looked like his lost love) together… Eventually he too started developing feelings towards Elena. His love for Elena was transforming him into a better person- who was long lost in love and lust for Katherine.


Season 1 Stefan is the goody good vampire- the self-righteous one. The vampire that survived on animals rather than humans. I felt like Stefan was trying too hard, trying to overcompensate for his blood-addict alter ego.

We come to know about Stefan creepily stalking Elena for months before making himself known to her. He was watching Elena for having uncanny similarity with his ex Katherine. Also it was Stefan who saved Elena in the car accident in which she lost her parents. He was the hero from every angle – except for stalking and going Gaga over human blood of course.

Stef would always find a reason to blame himself for everything bad that happens around him… He would still look for redeeming qualities in selfish Damon and later would decide to help him in finding Katherine so that Damon could be happy too.

Stefan after accidentally feeding on human blood went rogue- he was still fighting for his good side… However, nobody’s innocent in this story.

Back in the days when Katherine(already a vampire) was playing with both the brothers- she was only in love with Stef. So she only turned Stefan. Later, Katherine was captured and taken away. Stefan turned Damon against his will… Damon wanted to die as human as Katherine was already gone. Stefan turned his brother ’cause he didn’t want to be alone!

The tomb vampires

Back in the days, Katherine and all the other vampires in the town were captured by humans and held captive in a tomb. Turned out, Katherine escaped that without anybody knowing. In attempt to search for Katherine, the other vampires got out of the tomb and wrecked havoc in revenge.

Anna’s mother Pearl was captive too. Anna made friends with Jeremy to find clues to open the tomb. Later she fell in love with Jeremy for real.

Pearl made a return and also died in the same season.


Elena’s brother Jeremy was a loner, drug addict- losing parents at a tender age took a huge toll on him… He found an escapade in Vicky, however Vicky wasn’t committing to him.

After Vicky’s death, Anna came to his life… Jeremy finally figured out about vampires and the fact that Elena was hiding a great deal of information from him.

Jeremy was a weird boy with no purpose- that’s what I felt about him.


Amongst all the human characters- Tyler was probably the worst. He was nothing but a bully in the season 1. He was using Vicky to keep himself entertained.
He tried to mess with Stefan, even when Stef meant no harm to him.
He making out with Matt’s mom and then getting into a fight with Matt- some highlights of Tyler’s deeds in the season.

By the end of the season, Tyler lost his dad- who was the mayor of the town.


Last but not the least- let’s discuss about Elena. Even though the story’s main protagonist is Elena- she definitely isn’t the purest soul. Elena religiously writing journal after every day’s crazy shit- is seriously commendable!

For a mere human teenager amongst the swamp of 100+ years old vampires, she was pretty brave and adventurous- or maybe extremely stupid!!

She was mentally strong- didn’t leave Stefan’s side after learning his true nature, or when he lost control of himself to blood addiction…

She became a good friend and well wisher to Damon – even though, they didn’t have the best relationship at first. Elena could see beyond Damon’s selfish actions and justified them as his unworldly love for Katherine.

And how can I miss about Elena manipulating the Salvator brothers on multiple occasions?? Be it for a good cause, whenever Stefan or Damon has to be tricked- it was Always Elena to do it. It’s great skill indeed, however if you can manipulate the people who love so much, what guarantees that you would never misuse your power over them? It’s just something I wonder in general.

She kept on reassuring Stefan about her love for him…

Damn it girl! Elena was lying to herself more than anything- which unfolds in the later seasons.

One of the major events of season 1 is -The secret council undertook a vampire hunt operation when bunch of tomb vampires planned for revenge. They captured the vampires with a secret device and locked and burnt them to death. Stefan saved Damon with help of Bonnie, however people like the mayor(who was probably a werewolf) and Jeremy’s gf Anna died in that fire and many more supernatural creatures. Caroline(still human) ended up in hospital in a car accident.

All-in-all, in season 1, Stefan and Elena were in puppy love, being perfectly good for each other, kinda boring if I think hard… Damon on the other hand was unpredictable to Elena, always keeping her questioning her own morals. However Elena kept pulling Stefan close to her whenever Damon was around… As if she didn’t feel the spark.

Season 1 ends with Damon realizing Elena’s positive influence on his actions, making him kind and compassionate- he ended up kissing Elena right in front of her house.

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