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Is our perfect life ‘A Whisker Away’ (2020)? #292

Just another Friday… I was trying to feel relaxed, wanting to take my mind off the my usual boring life. Asked my sister to join me for Netflix and chill, guess she had better things to do. Didn’t want to waste all my time scrolling on Netflix, so picked up a random movie.

Unlike all the other movies that I have watched, I didn’t have any idea what the movie was about, so it was kind of an experience.

The Plot

The movie started with a middle-school girl named Miyo’s life. Miyo used to live with her father and step mom after her mom separated with her dad. Miyo did not get along with her step mom Kaoru. In school, she had a huge crush on a guy, Hinode. Despite all her playful attempts to get a little close to him, Hinode couldn’t care less about Miyo. Miyo started hating her life, both at home and in school.

One day, she got a magical mask from a mysterious creature, a mask seller… The mask could transform a human into a cat. Miyo was already sick and tired of her human life, so turning into a cat was all fun and adventure. When asked about the price, the mask-seller replied that he would collect it at the right time.

While transformed into cat, she met Hinode again. He named her Taro.

Unlike her interaction with Hinode as a human, it was so much more enjoyable. As Taro the cat, Miyo would spend endless hours with him, she would watch him learning pottery, talking about his day and what not. But as Hinode’s classmate, things still remained cold as ice.

One day Miyo overheard some guys talking shit about Hinode. Getting overpowered by passion, Miyo defended her crush in front of those guys, jumping off a dangerous height. Hinode felt sorry for her and for the first time he treated her nicely and went as far as sharing his lunch with her. Later in the day, she met him again, as Taro. Hinode was heartbroken as their family pottery shop would be shut down. Pottery was something that he really enjoyed and was learning from his grandfather.

After spending so much with Hinode, Miyo wrote her heart out in a letter to him. However before she could give it to him, one of their classmates read it out loud embarrassing both of them- to end the drama Hinode exclaimed that he hated Miyo and this broke her heart into thousand pieces…

Miyo realized that Hinode and herself was probably never gonna happen… At least as a cat, he wouldn’t resent her so much. As soon as she thought that her cat life was better than her human life- a mask fell off her face- a mask that could transform a cat into human!

Right at that time the mask seller appeared to claim the human mask – that will change any cat to Miyo. He told that he would give the mask to Kaoru’s pet cat Kinako. Kinako’s lifespan was almost over, she wanted to live a long life as a human to accompany her human-mom.

When Miyo went missing, everybody started looking for her – including Hinode. He told to Taro that he didn’t really hate her. Meanwhile Miyo started losing her human abilities- like understanding human language. Life as a cat started hitting her hard and she realized that she might have made a big mistake.

She pursued Kinako to give her face back, however Kinako was happy with her new human life and denied to return the mask.

Having no options left, Miyo followed the mask seller to a mystery island of cats. She met a lot of other cats who regretted their decision to turn into cats from humans. Miyo became more desperate than ever to get back her human life before the transformation became permanent.

Kinako, on the other hand, found out how much her own loved her as a cat. So she changed her mind and decided to help Miyo out. Hinode accompanied by Kinako (now having Miyo’s body) reached the cat-island as well.

The mask-seller took Miyo to the promised place and tried to complete the transformation by taking Miyo’s and Kinako’s life span. The resentful human-turned-cats reached just in time to interrupt mask seller’s evil plan and saved the day. Miyo and Kinako got back to their original form. On their way back home, Hinode and Miyo finally confessed their feelings to each other.

My Final Thoughts on the movie

‘A Whisker Away’ was definitely a change in taste for me… The storyline seemed to be quite simple yet unique. This is funny how much I can relate to the plot. There are 2 cats in my neighborhood, they are not necessarily pet cats, they might be the owner of the house! Whenever I look out of the bedroom window, sometimes I see them walking into our neighbor’s living room like a boss, sometimes taking a nap in the lawn, or casually walking on the wall or sleeping on it. I find them often chilling right in front of our bedroom window.

Whenever I have a shitty day, I just look at them and wonder- how good it would have been as a cat. Just taking nap whenever I please and doing nothing- yet getting all the love and ‘respect’ . ‘A Whisker Away’ is the extension of that passing thought.

On a horrible day we may fail to appreciate our human life, the loving family that we have, our friends, work and studies, passion- however the worst day of a human life is still a thousand times better than the life of a cat. So to answer the question I asked at the beginning of this post – no, our perfect life is not a whisker day, it might be ‘a moment of gratitude away’ for sure. 🙂

Overall, I’d rate this movie 3.5/5.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day as human! ^ _^

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