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Watching Thor : Love and Thunder(2022) in an Empty Hall #290

How I started watching Marvel Movies

Is it too late to admit that I wasn’t a huge movie fan at first? I didn’t watch movies every weekend, neither in theaters nor at home. Sometimes when bored, I watched movies, but could easily go 6-8 months without watching any at all. However, everything changed when my elder sister introduced me to the DC and Marvel universes back in 2018. We were living in a different city for work, far away from our parents. Weekends used to be extremely boring for both of us since neither of us was big on partying. She made me watch all the Marvel movies in chronological order and filled me with interesting details from comics as well – that’s how she got me hooked! From then on, we made it a ritual to watch every Marvel movie together in theaters. The first one we saw was Black Panther.

Years later, we still follow our ritual. It’s now 2022 and coincidentally, we were both in our hometown when Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) was released. We booked two tickets for the Saturday morning 7:30 show but arrived at the theater 5-10 minutes late, feeling sleepy. In a small town like ours, regional movies likely see more crowds. Marvel movies are quite popular here but we were surprised to find that only about 10% of the seats were occupied – it felt like watching a movie in an empty hall! However, a few months ago when we saw Doctor Strange in the same theater, it was packed with people. Luckily though, despite our delay of ten minutes or so, we didn’t miss any scenes..

The Story of Thor : Love and Thunder(2022)

The movie begins with a father and his daughter struggling in a desert. The little girl, Love, died in her father’s arms. Gorr prayed to his deity, Rapu, to save her life but it was all in vain. Gorr began hearing a mysterious voice that led him to the realm of Rapu. Though Rapu seemed indifferent to Gorr’s misery and loss, when Gorr turned rebellious, he tried to kill him. The mysterious voice materialized into a sword which appeared in Gorr’s hand; with it he killed Rapu and freed himself. This was no ordinary weapon – it was a God-killer named Necrosword.

Gorr went on a murder rampage and killed several gods; his next target was New Asgard where Thor had been fighting alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy until learning about this news; then he headed back home.

Back on Earth, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Jane Foster, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. After conventional medical treatments failed her, Jane turned to alternative medicine and discovered Mjolnir’s healing capabilities in a book. She traveled to New Asgard to find the hammer and when she appeared before it, the pieces came together and bonded themselves to Jane because Thor had asked Mjolnir to protect her long ago.

Thor reunited with Jane in New Asgard where she wielded Mjolnir as an invincible goddess. Together with Valkyrie and Korg they fought against Gorr but unfortunately he escaped after kidnapping all of the children of New Asgard.

Heimdall’s son Axl contacted Thor from the Shadow realm where the kids were held captive. Thor decided to raise an army of Gods to fight Gorr. Along with Valkyrie and Korg, he went to Omnipotent City, a hidden city where Gods live safely, only to find Zeus – the leader of the Gods – reluctant and afraid to help them in any shape or form. When Zeus ordered his army to capture Thor and his companions, they fought bravely and escaped with Zeus’s powerful weapon Thunderbolt. Later on, Jane reunited with Thor who then learned about her illness.

They arrived at the Shadow realm and battled Gorr. He defeated them all and stole Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker. Gorr required Stormbreaker to call upon Bifrost and travel to the realm of Eternity. Valkyrie was badly hurt, and Jane was in critical condition too. Using the hammer again could be fatal…

The final battle occurred at Eternity’s altar, where the children were being held captive. Thor insisted on fighting alone since his companions were unwell. He empowered all the children with the Thunderbolt to fight Gorr. Together, they destroyed Gorr’s deadly sword and Jane arrived just in time to save Thor from him. Bifrost transported Thor, Jane, and Gorr to the realm of eternity.

Powerless Gorr wanted to destroy all the Gods, but Thor suggested he bring back his daughter instead. Thor let Gorr decide and went to attend Jane, who died in his arms. Meanwhile, Gorr’s wish brought his daughter back to life. Due to a curse, Gorr had to die, but he asked Thor to take care of Love in his last moments. Together, Thor and Love fought evil as an invincible father-daughter duo while Valkyrie and Sif trained the children of New Asgard. The people of New Asgard honored Jane’s sacrifice by creating a statue of her.

The movie ends with Herculese, Zeus’s son, getting ready to destroy Thor to avenge his father. Jane went to Valhalla (an honorable realm for the Gods who die in battlefield).

My Thoughts on the movie

Can you believe I watched the whole movie without realizing Christian Bale played Gorr? What a great surprise! I loved the bromance moment between Star-Lord and Thor at the start of the film.

I missed Jane a lot in the last movie! Thor and Jane have great chemistry that always warms my heart. It was disappointing to learn that Natalie Portman’s contract for the Thor series had ended. This movie healed my broken heart, like Mjolnir, by bringing back Jane. The fact that she became Lady Thor was unexpected but wonderful.

If Mjolnir had healing powers, why did Jane become weaker each time she used it? Did I miss something? If you know, please comment. The love triangle between Thor, Mjolnir, and Stormbreaker was funny. The visual effects always blow my mind and make the theater experience worth it!

Already having lost my weekend morning’s sleep, the movie had to meet my expectations! Thor and Zeus sharing the same screen confused me because both gods possessed similar powers and weapons. What was the difference? Another significant attraction for me to watch Thor movies before was the encounter between Thor and Loki. I am unsure if we will have that opportunity again, but I would love to think of it as a possibility.

Overall, I’d rate this movie 4/5. ^_^

Thanks for reading!

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