How to Make Semui Payesh/Vermicelli Pudding #284

Semui Payesh/Vermicelli Pudding is very easy to make. It’s similar to that of payesh/rice pudding but cooking time is very less. Have some roasted vermicelli (thin) at home, that you can make a pudding with, just in 10-15 mins. The thin roasted vermicelli takes 5-6 mins to soften, the thicker one takes a little longer. No matter which one you use, the process is fairly simple.

You can skip the cashew nuts or raisins if you don’t like them or don’t have them around. The basic pudding can be made with just 3 ingredients- milk, sugar and vermicelli.

Let’s check out the recipe now.

Things you need

  1. 10 Cashew nuts (optional)
  2. 20 Raisins (optional)
  3. 25 g Semui/Sevayi/Vermicelli
  4. 500 ml milk
  5. 10 tsp sugar
  6. 1 tsp ghee
  7. Pinch of Cardamom powder


No prepping is required.

Semui Payesh/Vermicelli Pudding


  1. Roast the cashew nuts in ghee.
  2. Soak the raisins in water for 5-10 mins. (Raisins are optional)
  3. Simmer the milk for 5-10 mins and bring to boil, then add the sugar in.
  4. Add the roasted vermicelli, cashew nuts and raisins in and cook for 5 mins or more until vermicelli becomes soft but not mushy.

Semui Payesh/Vermicelli Pudding is ready! Personally I prefer it to be chilled, you can serve it hot as well.

If you like this, you can also check out rice pudding/payesh recipe which is a little more elaborate but worth the time.

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