Sonchiriya, the metaphor of a savior girl #240

Sonchiriya (literally means the golden bird) is a Hindi movie about a gang of decoits, who called themselves Baghis, the rebels.

The Story:

Maan Singh was the leader of the gang, who was shot dead in a police encounter while they came to loot the dowry in a wedding ceremony. He was the heart and soul of the gang, as soon as he died, the gang fell apart. Vakil Singh wanted to take the legacy of Baghis forward, Lakhna on the hand was sick and tired of this life and wanted to surrender.

The decoits met Indumati (Thakur’s wife) with a little girl, whom she called Sochiriya. The girl was raped by the head of their family, Indumati killed that person and ran away with the girl, the girl needed to be taken to the hospital immediately. Baghis agreed to help her.

Meanwhile Indumati’s family arrived to take her with them. Vakil Singh was okay with that but Lakhna resisted. The heated arguments between the decoits and Indumati’s family turned into a fight and Indumati’s son accidentally shot Vakil Singh’s brother. Lakhna was successful to run away from the scene safely along with his 2 companions, Indumati and the little girl.

Vakil Singh pledged to avenge his brother’s death and started off in search for Lakhna…

The boy who had informed Maan Singh to raid at the time of wedding did that under pressure. Inspector Gujjar had held his father captive so that the boy would lure the decoits in and the police could kill all of them at once! The leader played along the plan anyway to save the boy’s father and lost his life.

Lakhna confessed to Indumati about an incident that had been haunting him from long. Once they had accidentally killed some innocent children, he considered that sin to bring them doomsday.

Saving the little girl appeared to be the way to get rid of the curse…Gujjar was still chasing them, killing the Baghis was more of his personal interest than a task. After admitting the girl to hospital, when Lakhna came in front of the Inspector to surrender, he shot him without even second thought. Vakil Singh was killed too. Gujjar couldn’t taste the victory for long as one of constables killed him for mocking one of his relative earlier.

My thoughts on the movie:

To be honest, I did not hear about this movie before. It all happened after Sushant’s death that people were talking about all his movies and this name popped up in that list. Sonchiriya received good reviews from the critics. It’s not a typical Bollywood movie full of music, dance, romance and over the top drama.

I am not the biggest fan of action films but I am glad that I watched this movie. The movie has some of the best actors like Manoj Bajpai(Maan Singh), Ranvir Shorey (Vakil Singh), Ashutosh Rana(Inspector Gujjar), Sushant Singh Rajput(Lakhna) and Bhumi Pednekar(Indumati)…

Sushant didn’t outshine all these talented people but the movie truly showcased how versatile he was as an actor.

I have watched him playing Dhoni, the real life captain cool of Indian Cricket team, Sarfaraz- the lover boy in PK, Mansur- the reserved lover and a Muslim pitthu in Kedarnath, Shiv- the charming guy in Raabta, Manny- a dramatic and outspoken lover and also exceptionally brave young fellow in Dil Bechara, Anni – the hero of the loser gang and a responsible father in later life in Chhichhore… Lakhna was so different from all of his roles. From the handsome hunk- he fully converted himself in to the rugged look of a decoit who had a soft heart.

If you ask me, I would say Sonchiriya is one of Sushant’s best performances.

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