Dil Bechara, the heartbreak is real this time #236

Dil Bechara is an adaptation of the novel “Fault in Our Stars”. The movie stars Sushant Singh Rajput as Manny and Sanjana Sanghi as Kizie. Kizie, a teenage girl who lost hope with her life due to cancer, found a reason to smile again because of Manny. But does that mean happy ending?

The story:

Kizie was a young girl suffering from cancer, she had trouble in breathing and had to carry an Oxygen cylinder with her all the time.
She longed for the life of any other teenage girl, wanted to fall in love, wanted to gossip about other girls and what not! Cancer had changed everything in her life.

She was the only child of her parents. Her father was a chill person, who for some reason watched National Geography channel on the TV for all day long.

Her mother on the other hand, was the protective one. She picked her up from college, made sure she didn’t roam around and had a bad company!

On the occasion of some cultural function in her college, Kizie met this weird guy named Manny and his friend JP. Manny was a friendly guy, who was always laughing and joking around with his friend JP. JP had an illness that would eventually lose his vision, Manny too was terminally ill but nobody could have guess that from his jolly nature.

Kizie and Manny became close to each other in a very short time. Kizie shared her favorite song with him. At first he didn’t like it but when he gave it a second chance it became everything to him… He kept on listening to the song on loop all day long. Kizie was a die-hard fan of the musician. The song that stirred her the most was an unfinished romantic one… All she had was the first 2 lines of the song and she was desperate to know the rest of it.

The artist did not finish the song and vanished… He didn’t write any other song after that. Kizie told Manny about how badly she wanted to know the rest of the song… Manny managed to track the artist down and send him and email. Kizie was couldn’t believe that when Manny told that.

Later, Kizie reached out to the artist over mail again telling how she loved his work and the unfinished song… The artist did not quite tell her the story but he promised to meet her if she ever happened to go to Paris.

Kizie was at cloud nine after getting that reply and wanted to go to Paris at any cost… Manny had become her regular visitor by that time. Some days he used to sneak into her bedroom from the balcony, other days he used to come from the main entrance like a normal person. Kizie’s mother wasn’t particularly fond of him but her father could see the love in Manny’s eyes for his precious daughter.

Due to her poor health condition, doctor forbade her to travel alone but travelling to Paris was like her only wish. Manny convinced Kizie’s dad to let her go.

Kizie went to Paris, with the love of her life Manny and her mother as she could not trust this young man with her terminally ill daughter’s life.

Meeting the artist was an extremely underwhelming experience. He was rude and unapologetic. He just told Kizie that in real life when someone dies, the rest of the people cannot live happily, there is no happy ending. This was a cruel way to remind her that she would leave her parents and Manny one day leaving no choice for them to be happy.

For rest of the days, Kizie and Manny roam around Paris and had a good time. When Kizie finally expressed her love in front Manny, he couldn’t hold himself together anymore and broke down in her arms. His health was deteriorating rapidly.

The world around Kizie started crumbling down, after long time she just had started loving her a little more, she just had found a reason to smile.

Manny became another person… He was no more the jolly guy, making stupid jokes… Kizie was always there to give him company, except this time they used to sit and stare at the distant tress and lake water silently… To cheer him up, they picked the movie that he had started with JP as a passion project.

Manny was the hero, Kizie was the heroine. They finished all the scenes and Manny died within a few days.

Manny left a letter for Kizie with the rest of the song. In Paris, he had promised Kizie to finish the song for her. He confessed that he wasn’t as great of an artist as he was a lover. He had to reach out to the artist to finish the song…

All this time Kizie used to think that she would die and Manny’s death left her in utter shock…

My thought on the movie:

As the movie came out just a month after its lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s mysterious death, the reviews on the movie are mostly positive. The movie was released on online streaming platform Disney+Hotstar and as a tribute to the late actor, it was made free for both subscribers and non-subscribers…

To be honest we all are guilty of not watching all of his movies when he was alive and now giving positive reviews or pretending to be his biggest fan would not bring him back to life. It was definitely heart-breaking to watch the movie knowing how perfectly the unfortunate end of Manny’s life aligns with the real life star…

This movie is not the best work of Sushant even though he brought the best out of the characer. Manny was merely 23 year old, a younger actor could have fit better… I don’t know if the young actor could beat Sushant’s performance though! Amir Khan played the role of college student(a student in his early 20s) in 3 Idiots at the age of 44! I am not kidding guys.

Sanjana on the other hand looked perfect as Kizie. Her dressing, behavior everything was so natural and relatable.

It was great to see Saswata Chatterjee and Swastika Mukherjee as Kizie’s parents. In the story, Kizie was a Bengali girl… Casting the seasoned Bengali actors like Saswata and Swastika for Bengali characters in a Hindi movie was a great decision. As a Bengali, it always itches me to watch the actors not being able to nail the 2-3 lines of Bengali in a Hindi movie…

There are few moments in the movie that specially I would like to share my thoughts on-

The Mother-daughter moment

In Paris, Kizie was staying in a hotel with her mom. She dressed up really nicely to meet the musician… Her mother quickly commented, “Is it for him or for Manny?!” She already knew how madly her daughter was in love with Manny…

Kizie’s mother reminisced how she used to like one red dress when she was little.

Kizie replied, “…because you made that dress for me”.

Then her mother pointed out at the dress she was wearing(a v-neck cute frock) and asked “Isn’t this too revealing?…” and adjusted the dress to move the neck up…

This is the exact thing my mom always does! She has been making dresses for me since my childhood, she is always concerned about the neck-cut being too deep or revealing. Even now, whenever I buy a dress for myself, she always checks if it’s a deep cut (specially the v-neck ones) or it’s showing too much and what not!

Sneaking into Kizie’s house

Manny used to sneak into Kizie’s bedroom every now and then to have a small talk with him. It was not as creesy as Twilight, Edward watching Bella sleep every night. I have seen this scene in many movies. And for once I want the movies to show a practical way how a normal person could possibly climb on a building on regular basis, without getting noticed by the neighbors!

Going to Paris was a piece of cake!

The money matter is just thrown out of the window! I know there are a lot of people in India, who can afford travelling to any part of the world whenever they want… I just can’t relate to this…

Parents’ consent

Kizie’s mother was skeptical about Manny at first. When they went to Paris, she finally let Kizie go and see places around with him…

I am a bit jealous now. Firstly because I have been single AF all my life. I would have really loved it, if I had a companion like him and on top of that if my parents had approved of him. I can never imagine my father having a beer with my (hypothetical) boyfriend or my mother taking photo of me and my boyfriend in a foreign country… Yeah sounds like a fairy tale to me… Not sure about you guys…

The movie was 1 hour 45 minutes long, I wish it was a little bit longer… Everybody wished that… Do give it a watch if you like 🙂

Dead people receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude.

Anne Frank

“Kai Po Che” (2013) was Sushant’s first film. He also starred in Shuddh Desi Romance(2013), PK(2014), Detective Byomkesh Bakshy(2015), M. S. Dhoni the untold story(2016)Raabta(2017), Kedarnath(2018), Drive, Sonchiriya, Chhichhore (2019) and Dil Bechara(2020). Dil Bechara is Sushant’s last film that released after his death.

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