I was not surprised with De De Pyaar De #231

“De De Pyaar De” which literally means “Give me love”. Ashish a guy in his 50s is settled in a foreign country. He meets Ayesha, a girl in her early 20s in a party. After the first meet, both were interest to catch up after work and they started dating. The age difference didn’t make an issue until Ayesha wanted to marry him. Ashish is separated and is father of a girl and a boy. The girl is of same age as Ayesha.

The main characters of “De De Pyar De” are Ashish Mishra played by Ajay Devgan, Manjana Rao played by Tabu and Ayesha played by Rakul Preet Singh.

Not being able to be the perfect father or perfect husband were something Ashish was insecure about. He wasn’t ready to be a terrible husband one more time and take the emotional toll of a broken marriage.

Ayesha convinces him for the marriage and Ashish came to India to introduce Ayesha to his parents. Things were different in India. Ashish’s wife Manjana (Manju) who was his childhood love used to live with her children and in-laws. Ashish went abroad and they didn’t have divorce.
Co-incidentally Ashish reached on the very day when a girlfriend’s boyfriend was coming with his parents for a formal marriage proposal.

Ashish’s children did not get to spend much time with him after they separated. Ashish daughter didn’t tell her boyfriend about him. After a lot of discussions it was decided that Ashish would pretend to be Manju’s brother in front of the guests. On the other hand Ashish’s son started flirting with Ayesha. Things started getting weird really soon and Ashish did not get a chance to formally introduce her to the family as his girlfriend.

From the day 1, Manju and Ayesha were having a cold-war and Ashish could not take side. Ayesha was upset with Ashish for getting side-tracked…

Among all these, Ashish’s family found out about their relationship and his daughter’s marriage was cancelled. Manju was devastated learning all these. Ashish went to console her and ended up spending night with her. Ayesha felt betrayed and left without fighting much.

Finally Ashish went to his future son-in-law’s house and pleaded them not to cancel the wedding. Finally they were convinced. Manju on the other hand knew what would make Ashish happy again. She explained why they were not getting together again and Ashish only loved Ayesha. Ayesha came back to India again on the day wedding and re-united with Ashish.

My thought:

Relationship with a huge age-difference is not a new thing. Ashish’s friend ridiculed him for dating someone of his daughter’s age- which gives the story a realistic touch.

To be honest we watch this shit in TLC’s 90 Days Fiance too often! It’s 2020 and nothing is impossible. Who knows when there is a TLC Video on “This man/woman is in relationship with a fetus. ” We don’t/can’t relate to most of the content that we watch and I feel, it will be more difficult than ever to really surprise the audience with something unconventional.

The movie avoids to show Ayesha’s parents’ or friends’ reaction to this which is kinda weird.

I liked the character of Manju- she didn’t play victim rather handled every situation strongly. After separation too, she stayed with her children and in-laws to take care of them.

Overall “De De Pyar De” was an enjoyable one-time watch.

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