De De Pyaar De: Romanticizing Age-disparity in Relationship #231

De De Pyaar De Movie Plot

“De De Pyaar De” literally means “Give me love.” Ashish, a guy in his 50s, is settled in a foreign country. He meets Ayesha, a girl in her early 20s, at a party. After their first meeting, they were interested in catching up after work and started dating. The age difference didn’t pose an issue until Ayesha wanted to marry him. Ashish is separated and is the father of a girl and boy; the girl is the same age as Ayesha.

The main characters of “De De Pyaar De” are Ashish Mishra played by Ajay Devgan, Manjana Rao played by Tabu and Ayesha played by Rakul Preet Singh.

Ashish was insecure about not being able to be the perfect father or husband. He didn’t want to experience another broken marriage and its emotional toll. Ayesha convinced him to get married, so he returned to India and introduced her to his parents. However, things were different in India; Manjana (Manju), Ashish’s childhood love with whom he had gone abroad without divorcing, lived there with her children and in-laws. Coincidentally, Ashish arrived on the same day that a girlfriend’s boyfriend came with his parents for a formal marriage proposal.

Ashish’s children didn’t get to spend much time with him after they separated. Ashish’s daughter didn’t tell her boyfriend about him. After many discussions, it was decided that Ashish would pretend to be Manju’s brother in front of the guests. Meanwhile, Ashish’s son started flirting with Ayesha. Things quickly became awkward and Ashish never got a chance to formally introduce her as his girlfriend to the family.

From day one, Manju and Ayesha had a cold war and Ashish couldn’t take sides. Ayesha was angry with Ashish for straying. Then, Ashish’s family found out about their relationship and his daughter’s wedding was called off. Manju was devastated by the news. So, Ashish went to comfort her and stayed the night with her. Ayesha felt betrayed and left without arguing much.

Ashish went to his future son-in-law’s house and pleaded with them not to cancel the wedding. They were convinced. Manju knew what would make Ashish happy again: she explained why they weren’t getting back together and that he only loved Ayesha. On the day of the wedding, Ayesha returned to India and reunited with Ashish.

My thought:

Relationship with a huge age gap is not uncommon. Ashish’s friend mocked him for dating someone his daughter’s age, which adds realism to the story. In 2020, nothing is impossible – who knows when we’ll see a TLC video about “This person is in a relationship with a fetus?” The movie avoids showing Ayesha’s parents’ or friends’ reactions, which seems strange. I liked Manju’s character; she didn’t play victim but handled every situation confidently. Even after their separation, she stayed with her children and in-laws to take care of them.

Overall “De De Pyaar De” was an enjoyable one-time watch, I’d rate this movie 6 out of 10.

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