Badhai Ho (2018) , Another un-conventional Bollywood Movie #218

“Badhai Ho” means “Congratulation”. The story is about an Indian middle-class family, where a mother of 2 sons, Priyamvada got pregnant in her early 50’s.
A society that feeds on gossip, the boys who are matured only in age, a mother-in-law who is never impressed- reacted to the situation in the most realistic way. Will the societal pressure, taunt of dear ones and risk of late pregnancy win over motherhood? Will Priyamvada get to hear “Badhai Ho” again?

Let’s find that out.

Mr. Jeetender Kaushik is a TT in Indian Railways. Kaushik family has 5 members-
Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik, Mr. Kaushik’s mother (Durga Devi) and their 2 sons Nakul and Gullar.

Nakul is in his late 20s and his younger brother is probably in high-school. Nakul is dating Renee, who happens to be his colleague. Renee comes from a posh family and she lives with her mother after her father had passed away.

Kaushik family consists of simple people- none of them looks too good to be true. Mr. Jeetender brought some mangoes for his family from some place, Nakul asked his dad to give some mangoes to the young boy who carried the box as a nice gesture. Hesitant as first, Mr. Kaushik handed over just one mango after inspecting it.(making sure that he did not give away the best one!)
That is not unreal at all, I have see older generation in our family to sometimes do similar acts too. It’s not because they don’t want to help others, sometimes they are so over-protective about their families that they forget about these small things.

Mr. Kaushik’s mother, Durga Devi could always find a reason to taunt Priyamvada. Durga Devi’s harsh words made Priyamvada cry and she ran to her room… The arguments are not as dramatic as the daily soaps would show…

Few weeks later, Priyamvada was feeling week. After consulting with doctor, she came to know about her pregnancy. Priyamvada was in late 40’s or early 50’s. Doctor warned her about the complicity she might face because the late pregnancy. Mr. Kaushik was kinda embarrassed and was afraid about society’s reaction to it. Priyamvada on the other hand seemed to pro-life. There was no doubt in her mind, she was mentally prepared to be mother again.

The couple retuned home and thought of sharing the news with their sons- Nakul, Gullar.

“A guest is coming to our house”, Mr. Kaushik blurted out.
“I am not gonna share my room”, replied Gullar.
“A little guest.” Gajender added further.
Nakul was in utter-shock. He looked at his mother in disbelief… Gullar still did not get it, until his elder brother clarified.
Both the brothers ridiculed their parents and left…

Durga devi too scolded Priyamvada and Jitender. Her response was golden, “Okay, so you got time to do all this but no time for your old mother!”
The old lady kept on rebuking them on her top her lungs which informed everyone in the neighborhood.

Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik went to attend a marriage along with Durga Devi. Nakul and Gullar denied to accompany them as they were too ashamed of their parents deed.
Everybody seemed to gossip about Priyamvada and made fun of her. Their taunts made poor Priyamvada cry again. This time, Durga Devi opened her mouth in support of her daughter-in-law. She shut everybody’s mouth and embraced her for the first time.

Nakul and Gullar could not accept the fact that their parents could still be sexually active. They were disgusted with the revelation of that fact.
Nakul was feeling so betrayed and embarrassed of his parents that he stopped talking to his friends and girlfriend. He took a leave for few days.

Renee who used to go to office with her boyfriend everyday, was worried about his sudden disappearance.
She came to Nakul’s house and found out about Nakul’s mom’s pregnancy. Renee did not seem to have any issue with that but her mother was already concerned.
In the middle-class family, Only Jeetender and Nakul were earning at that moment. Mr. Kaushik was to retire soon. Renee’s mother was worried that the old couple would not be able to bring up the new-born and the responsibility would shift to Nakul’s shoulder.
Renee’s mother made a remark like, “Nakul seems to be good guy but his family is a circus I don’t want to buy ticket too.”

Nakul over-heard the coversation and confronted Renee’s mom. He took side of his family and showed his support and left.
Renee and Nakul broke up because of Nakul speaking rudely to Renee’s mother.

After many months, Nakul went to Renee’s mother and apologized to her sincerely. And everything sorted out between them.

Gullar, who was in high-school was getting bullied by his seniors after the news of his mom’s pregnancy broke out. Nakul went with his brother to teach the bully some lesson!

At last, Priyamvada gave birth to a baby girl. Nakul and Gullar who were hating on their mom first, could not stop their tear of happiness.
The family shared an emotional moment and the story ends.

My Final Thoughts:
I really liked the concept of the movie and the detailing to the characters involved. It seemed to slow-down a little bit in the second half and the humor turned into emotional scenes… In an India middle-class family, where parents never give their children “the talk”, the children happen to set an unrealistic image of their human parents.
Making time for love is golden- even for the couple who grew old. They too are allowed to live their lives in their own terms.
The perfect casting and dialog deliveries in “Badhai Ho” brought the story to life…It was fun to watch Gajaraj Rao on big screen. I could not think anyone better for the role of Mr. Kaushik. Ayushman Khuranna surprises us every time in such unconventional movies like Badhai Ho. Neena Gupta (Priyamvada) was fitting for her character.
Surekha Sikri who played the role of Durga Devi was a perfect mixer of a savage and sweet old lady.

Can you imagine yourself in position of Nakul? Will you happily accept this news and welcome “the little guest” with all your love?

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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