When will we go back to normal life? #215

Lockdown Day 3 : 25th March, 2020

Some news article wrote that China is to lift the ban from Wuhan by 12th or 14th April. Some other video showing US President Donald Trump saying to presume “normal work” from 12th April. The question arose because we cannot stay at home for infinite time, it is affecting the country’s economy very badly.

For us in India, there is still no such date. The upcoming days are most vital for our country.
Our PM Narendra Modi announced for 21-days lock-down- people can still go out to by essential commodities such as foods and medicines.

But the scenario in different parts of India is heartbreaking. Some irresponsible people are still found on road, joking around with friends. Govt. had to appoint the Police-force to enforce the lock-down effectively. In some places policemen and armies had to lathi-charge, somewhere else they were literally pleading everyone to stay home. On 25th March, people in South India celebrated Ugadi, i.e. Telugu New Year. The crowd on the roads were unbelievable.

Coming to the actual question- “When will it end?”

I really liked the way Dr. Mike explained the situation in his recent video. Even though he mainly focused on US, we can take away the gist of it for any given country.

  1. The medicines that had supposedly cured Covid-19 patients are still required to put to test. Only few cases of success does not ensure its performance on a vast population.
  2. Hospitals are running on maximum capacity. If more patients arrive, its hard for the doctors to decide whose life is more precious.
  3. What happens when the doctors fall sick? Medical staff is already very low in comparison to high number of incoming patients.
    If the currently working medical staffs too get sick, it will be even worse situation.
    Considering all these things, it is still hard to comment on by when it would be under control- the conclusion he reached.

In India, the reported number of cases is around 600 but we are afraid that there are more people yet to be diagnosed… the reason being insufficient amount of test-kits.

The best course of action for general public is still to stay at home.

Today again I did not do anything extra-ordinary. It seems embarrassing because I don’t usually document my day-to-day activities. I talked with 2 of my friends staying in US. One is working from home (no, he did not fly back to India, he’s still there) and the other one is enjoying his holidays before joining work after completing his graduation.

While staying at home, its a bit hard to maintain a productive routine, even though I don’t need to worry about cooking, cleaning and buying groceries.

Also, I was trying to understand a piece of code and I was stuck at a particular line from yesterday. It took me almost entire day to solve that. I never studied by myself. There were always someone to assist me- a teacher, a senior or some friend. When I graduated, I did not take much help from Google, rather books from library and class-notes would have solved most of the problems. Now whenever I am stuck at some point, I just wish that somebody else has faced the problem earlier and a kind and knowledgeable soul has answered to his/her queries on internet. Now Google is my friend, teacher and senior.

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