5 Things that make Gabriel Iglesias special #212

Only two weeks ago did YouTube start recommending me videos of Gabriel Iglesias.

I was sick and stuck in my room, aimlessly scrolling through YouTube. I don’t remember the exact video I watched first, but I kept watching more.

After I recovered from my illness and returned to my usual activities, I searched YouTube extensively for more of his videos. Gabriel Iglesias, also known as Fluffy, is a Mexican-origin comedian. Gabriel didn’t like being introduced as a Latino comedian in the early days of his career because his content isn’t just for Mexicans.

Audience around the globe enjoys his work, but why? I’ve watched two of his specials and numerous short clips on YouTube. Here’s my perspective.

Instance 1: Emotional content

Standup comedy doesn’t have to be a collection of jokes or funny incidents. Gabriel shares stories from his life, including his relationship with his parents, girlfriend, stepson and companions. It’s the art of storytelling that keeps the audience engaged—not just cry-laughing for an hour. It’s like experiencing the journey of life: there are moments to laugh and moments that will melt your heart. It’s wholesome!

Being relatable is one of the most difficult things for comedians, especially when they face international audiences and people of all ages. How can they make everyone laugh? One answer is that good comedians always do their research; content for an hour cannot be created in a rush. They must find ways to connect with the audience emotionally—that’s what makes them come back again and again.

Instance 2: X factor

Gabriel excels at creating sound effects with his voice, adding an extra layer to the story.

Instance 3: Being respectful to foreign cultures

Gabriel talks about his experience traveling to India and performing there. I was amazed to see how he connected Mexicans and Indians. His narrative never sounded shallow. International platforms often have jokes about India, but Gabe made a difference—he called his travel experience wholesome and said it made him appreciate life in the USA. It’s easy to stereotype people or cultures and pass on lame jokes, but creating humor while being appreciative and respectful is something I give him credit for. Gabriel also talks about his experience travelling to the Middle East and how it changed his perspective of its people and culture.

Instance 4: Versatile content

Gabriel suffers from obesity. His mom used to say, “You’re not fat, you’re fluffy!” This inspired him to choose his stage name. You’ll hear a few fat jokes in his full show—but it’s not all about them!

Instance 5: Intellectual Jokes

While most of his content is light-hearted comedy and storytelling, there are hidden gems that aren’t for everyone!

I can watch those episodes again and again like a beautiful story!!

Pic by : Matthias Wagner

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