Heart-breaking Story of Acid Victims in India – Chhapaak #208

Chhapaak is the sound of splashing liquid on a solid surface. The movie depicts how a splash of acid is ruining lives of innocent girls in India.
The story starts with outraging youngsters protesting in front of Supreme Court, Delhi. Nirbhaya’s story had shaken the country to it’s core and people had all the reasons to feel petrified. Journalists were present on the spot to capture the anguish in the people…
Among all these there was a poor gentleman who wanted to show his daughter’s photo on the camera, his daughter had survived an acid attack but her acid burnt face would wrench anybody’s heart. Where entire India wanted Justice for Nirbhaya’s rapists (one of the most heinous rape case in India), acid victims were perishing in ignorance. There was no strict law in Indian penal code to punish the acid attacker for the grievous crime.

Amol, an ex-journalist used to run an NGO named Chhaya to help these acid victims. Malti who had been attacked with acid in broad daylight, was still being rejected in every job. Amol was looking for Malti for a long time for the NGO and finally they met though a common contact. Malti desperately needed a job and Amol needed a face and a strong character like Malti for the NGO.
The movie flashes back to the time Malti was just 19, walking on the street on a beautiful morning. Suddenly a bike stopped next to her and somebody splashed acid on her face and fled away… She was screaming on top of lungs, the public didn’t know what to do. An old man came forward and called police…
The acid burnt her skin and flesh leaving her face disfigured and unrecognizable. Police started investigation and her family friend was found accused. Malti’s family friend Basir who was 30 at that time had proposed her sometimes back. Malti had a boyfriend of her age and Basir caught the young couple one day… After threatening her for few days over call, finally he took revenge on her throwing acid on her face. His sister-in-law helped him in doing so. Even after being arrested, Basir was getting out on bail for family functions and what not. On the other hand, Malti was fighting to live a normal life. It didn’t only burnt her face, it left her emotionally traumatized. Malti went through several surgeries to get the back the shape of face, her eye-sight.
Malti’s brother was bullied by his friends on the playground. Her father died without seeing her getting Justice.
Malti’s advocate knew the journey would be very difficult. Malti also pleaded for a total ban on sale of acid citing increasing number of acid attacks across the country. After many years of continuous follow-up, court finally regulated the acid sale… A new section was amended in the penal code for punishing acid attackers.
Amol took Malti’s pain personally and his sincerity and empathy towards the acid victims won Malti’s heart. Amol too was amazed everyday seeing Malti’s resilience. The movie ends with Amol and Malti finally expressing their love to each other.

My reaction to the movie:

I don’t get easily affected by movies no matter how emotional it is. But I was in tears in few of the scenes- specially when Malti was screaming after attack, few more attack stories where the victim’s face was completely destroyed, a little girl who died in the dark without getting any attention from police or govt. Deepika has done Justice to her role, her screams didn’t seem less than real… Same with the character of Amol, played by Vikrant Massey… The acting of the lead roles were outstanding along with the fellow acid victims. The role of Shiraj Aunty warmed my heart with her endless kindness, not only she financially supported Malti for the extensive surgeries done on her face and body, also she provided her with moral support. Last but not the least, Advocate Archana Bajaj… She was a boss lady. She dedicated her heart and soul into getting the accused punished rightly. I really liked the small segments where her family life was shown in the movie. Since Archana was mostly occupied with her job, her husband was very much supportive in taking care of their only daughter… A husband that every working woman desires but only few lucky one gets.

Overall Chhapaak is certainly a good movie, worth your watch. The story of the movie is influenced by the life of Laxmi Agarwal who is an acid attack survivor and a social activist now.
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