First Bollywood Movie based on Progeria – Paa #207

Paa, an Indian Hindi film, is based on a little boy suffering from a rare genetic disease called Progeria, the disease made his growth 5 to 6 times faster. By the age of 13, Auro had a body of an 80 years old man but his mind was still of his actual age! Paa was released in December 2009. The lead roles of the movie have been played by Amitabh Bachchan (Auro), Abhishek Bachchan (Auro’s father) and Vidya Balan (Auro’s mother).
The story starts like this… Auro received an award from MP Amol Arte in his school because of his extraordinary talent. Auro came back home to his family of 3- his single mom Vidya and grandmom.
Vidya switched on the TV only to find out that MP was none other than Auro’s biological father.
Vidya met Amol when he was studying in Cambridge University. They almost fell in love instantly. After a few days,  Vidya found out that she was pregnant. Amol wasn’t ready for a marriage or a child. He had his dream to become a politician like his father and he dinidn’t want anything to distract him from achieving that. Vidya dumped him and went to her mom crying.
She was terrified to tell her mom about her pregnancy. “Do you want this child or not?” was the only thing she asked Vidya.
Vidya was crying profusely, shattered and frightened. She didn’t know what to do. She too was a medical student at that time.  Vidya’s mom raised her alone after her husband’s death. Instead of being dramatic, she fully supported her to continue the studies. Vidya gave birth to a beautiful child, named him Auro… Auro’s rare disease wasn’t a secret for long. As a doctor and as a mother, she was trying her best to make Auro’s life better.
Amol, on the other hand, continued pursuing his dream and successfully started his political career. Unlike many other politicians he had the passion to actually uplift the country and its people. Auro sent him a mail once and the conversation continued. After all Auro was an interesting kid!
Auro demanded to Amol to take him to Rastrapati Bhavan in Delhi. Amol promised him to fulfil his demand but it slipped off his mind on the very day. One day Vidya told Auro about his father. Also expressed her unwillingness to share this truth with Amol. After breaking up with him, Vidya was determined to never meet him again ever in her life. She raised her son alone far away from his reach.
Auro’s body was decaying very rapidly with his organs failing… He was hospitalised. That was the time when Amol came to know about the truth.
Vidya had years of anguish, she wasn’t ready to talk to Amol again. However Auro on his death bed only wanted his parents to get back together. Amol and Vidya kept their son’s last wish and bid him the last good bye…

My Reaction to the movie:

The movie was special to me for many reasons.
1. I was really fascinated to watch Amitabh ji (probably in his 60s then) playing the role of a 13 year old kid.

2. Real life father and son swapping their relationship in a movie- that blew my mind when I first heard about the movie.

3. It didn’t really show the struggle of a single mom in a country like India. Society would make it 5 times harder, if she’s unmarried and pregnant. The movie mainly focused on Auro’s life.

4. Kudos to the make up artists who transformed Amitabh ji into Auro. It was quite close to realistic.

5. There are 3 songs in the movies, all of them seemed to be quite different from the typical movie songs.

6. Auro’s school friends were another positive aspect. I might have lost all expectations from people at this point, I thought that Auro would have been bullied in his school by some kids. Rather he was a loved kid.

There was one little girl Somi who got scared and ran away from Auro on the first day of her school. Through out the movie she kept on approaching him but Auro kept distance. During his last days, Somi came to meet him in the hospital and finally managed to say sorry to him… All these days she felt terrible and wanted to apologize to him!

Taruni Sachdev who played the role of Somi died at the age of 14 in a plane crash. I watched a few movies of her, she was such a talented little girl. It broke my heart when I heard the news of her death. Watching her in Paa brought all those memories. May her soul rest in peace.

7. Auro’s grandmom whom he used to call Bum bum, a really strong and progressive woman… Simply amazing.

Overall it was a good movie, definitely different from the mainstream romantic drama and action movies. It’s definitely not just about the rare genetic disease Progeria, rather the life of a little kid bringing positive attitude to life in difficult circumstances.
That’s all for today! Checkout some other movie reaction here.

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