A little patch of America in Hyderabad – B Dubs #205

On a typical Friday night my friends invited me to B-Dubs for hanging out. One of my friends recently came from US and he wanted us try some American style food. To be honest, I personally wanted to visit B-Dubs from long back as it seemed to be a cool place from outside- but the price factor turned me down. There’s no shame in admitting the fact that value for money is very important to me and I am picky about where I spend my hard-earned money. Luckily it was my friend’s treat and I didn’t have to burn a hole in my pocket !

Food Review : We ordered a Large wings platter, Peri Peri grilled prawns with mashed potato and Jalapeño poppers.
Asian zing wings : I personally don’t like chicken wings drenched in sauce. On top of that this one didn’t really stand out to me.
Mango Habanero wings : This one is same chicken wings dipped in hot sauce named Mango Habanero. The taste is deceitful, I would say. I am not much of a spice tolerant and it tasted sweet in the beginning. After 30 seconds or so, the hot sauce hit me hard. My lips were blowing, my nose was running and what not!
Garlic Parmesan wings : This was my most favorite one among the 3. It was garlicky, there were herbs, there was cheese- everything was perfect.
For sides celery wasn’t available, they served the wings with ranch, blue cheese, some carrots and cucumbers.
Grilled Prawns with mashed potato : There were exactly 9 Prawns and a tiny bowl of mashed potato. The potato was good but Prawns could be better. It wasn’t grilled enough, it wasn’t raw either.
Jalapeño Poppers : It just looked like Jalapeño from outside, inside was 5 % Jalapeño and 95 % cheese. The taste was good though.
Surprisingly they had only 3 items I dessert menu!
Ambiance : The ambiance was quirky, a perfect fit for friends to hang out and have some drinks. The place is intended to watch games with friends. There were TV’s everywhere. The music was good and loud… There were table-chairs and sofas, the seating area is quite big. You can come in big groups and take 2 big couches with a separate tv for yourself.
Service : The service was on point. The staff was dressed in jerseys. The food was served really quick. We didn’t have to wait for anything. My only complaint is the ranch and blue cheese were really less for the 24 wings!

Overall I had a great time there. I would rate my experience as 4 stars out of 5.
Would I go to B-Dubs again?
Well, if it’s a treat again! :p

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