Serving Lunch on Bed – Punjabi Affairs #204

You might have heard about about breakfast in bed… But have you heard about Lunch in bed? Punjabi Affairs, Hyderabad will serve your favorite meal in bed!I visited this place for lunch on a weekend after being suggested by my friends in Hyderabad.

Ambiance : After stepping inside the restaurant I was stunned for second. There 3 beds, with tables on top on them. Beds with mattress and pillows and an inbuilt in the middle. The other side of the restaurant had usual dining tables and chairs. I came to know that you cannot reserve the bed over call, it is given to customers on first-come-first-serve basis. We put off our shoes and jumped on the bed!! It was a different experience except people from the other side of the restaurant were constantly looking at us!!

Food Review : For starters we ordered Crispy corn, tandoori chicken and paneer.
For main course we had Punjabi Chicken masala, exotic veg chatpatedar, garlic naan, butter naan and normal naan bread and chaans for drink!

The food was really good. We couldn’t stop licking gravy off our fingers while eating the main course.

There are some of the items in the menu which are not up to the mark as my friend who is regular visitor told me. But all of the dishes that we tried on that day was delicious.
It cost us about 380 Rupees per head which was a great deal indeed! I would rate my overall experience in Punjabi Affairs as 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.
Would I visit Punjabi Affairs again?
Why not!!

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