Why I stopped watching Netflix

I started watching Netflix last year i.e. 2019 and it continued only for a month!
Sometime in last year, I was talking to my friend Vairabh. Vair was planning to buy a Netflix subscription and share the cost with his friends. Netflix wasn’t a thing I couldn’t think my life without, also I am very much loyal to my YT watch time… There was no reason I would have agreed to spend money for watching videos on internet. So I said “no” to Vairabh.

2 months later, Vair got the subscription anyway without having any friend to share the cost with. However the account was not being utilized well… He created 4 profiles (I think that’s the maximum number of profile allowed as per the subscription)… 1 for his family, 1 for his girlfriend, 1 for himself and the last one for myself.
This time he asked me if I wanted to watch Netflix and didn’t ask for sharing the money. I like an absolute hypocrite said “yes”. To be honest I didn’t think much as there was no question of paying money. So the answer was pretty much a no-brainer. Till then I haven’t met anyone who actually pays for Netflix. Crazy! Isn’t it!! Sometimes the password reaches to people who don’t know the account owner also…
I don’t know how much of that Vair knew… But his income in USD was nowhere in comparison to my humble salary. A Netflix subscription was none of a big deal for him, yet he thought of sharing it first- poor or rich everybody should consider saving money for tomorrow… There’s nothing wrong in that.
Even if I installed Netflix on my phone, I didn’t know the maximum number of devices that would be supported by the account. Last year only I bought a smart TV for my parents… It ain’t much but that was the first smart TV in our house. Playing videos, songs, YouTube from TV was indeed a great deal for us. My sister used to live with my parents at that time, so I shared the password with her to watch Netflix on the new TV!
I watched a couple of series, few animes… Weekends were better than ever- it’s like unlimited content- unlimited ways to waste my time. I could understand why people are so much into Netflix… All because these endless number of series, movies, documentaries etc.
It had been barely a month since I started watching, I was talking to Vair over call. I was really happy that he thought of sharing that with me along with his family and girlfriend. Just when I told him that I  shared the password with my sister, first he told , “My girlfriend has done the same…”
“But what was your mom’s reaction? Didn’t she ask you to pay for it since you’re watching?”
Vair was a good friend of mine, he didn’t do anything wrong in asking that. But I felt terrible…
Firstly because my parents looked bad- their daughter using free stuff!!
Secondly because I denied for the profile previously and later I kind of accepted when he offered.

Correct he was … I must have paid for it! But I still didn’t think it was worth my hard-earned money. As I couldn’t pay for it, my self respect wouldn’t allow me use that account anymore. It’s not that suddenly my self respect took the control. I think if he was expecting money in the first place he should not have offered me… I clearly explained him before that I didn’t want to spend money on this. Later after giving it away he can’t suddenly taunt me like that- even if he’s paying.

Suppose you guys came to my birthday party and there is food delivered from a very good restaurant. While party is over, I offer my close friends some of the left over foods to take home cause it was too much to waste. They saved me from wasting the food… But now I can’t ask for money not even as a joke, just because they had the food.

Probably I overreacted but it seemed to be the right decision to stop using Netflix from that day onwards. I uninstalled the app from my phone and informed my sister to do the same. 2 days later I informed Vairabh about it… On the call, I didn’t react immediately. Vairabh apologized to me but that could not do away the guilt I was feeling at that moment.
I also explained to him that I didn’t think much about it when you offered me the second time… ” Oh you don’t think much when it comes to me. That’s okay for me. It might be a problem if it’s the same case with others as well.”
I couldn’t comprehend what exactly he meant… I decided that I would not use any such things that I couldn’t afford from then onwards.

On final note I would say, the thing turned out unnecessarily dramatic because of me.

Vairabh wanted to gift me something after getting his dream job, he told me about giving me an Amazon gift card and later he created a profile and told “Okay so this is the gift”. Even if I didn’t say no to him immediately I was wondering for how long I should watch Netflix. Gift is a one-time purchase unlike Netflix subscription.

Also I could not appreciate that as a gift as I saw people using Netflix all the time without bothering to share the cost. Maybe it’s wrong… Maybe it’s not wrong. You can use your close friend’s thing without worrying to pay for it. After so many years Vairabh was still not that friend for me.

On a positive note, I am not losing my night’s sleep watching Netflix! I’m utilizing the money to order food online and my self respect is also not compromised!

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