Mom And Co. (YouTube Web-series Reaction) #201

YouTube has a lot of really cool web-series produced for young audience which are absolutely free. Recently I watched one of them names as “Mom and Co.” and I felt that I should share my experience with you all.

Plot of ‘Mom and Co.’:

Aditya a boy of age 26/27 works an HR in a private company. He lives with his mom Suhasini. Suhasini is a house-wife, she absolutely loves cooking. While her son is in office, she feels bored and lonely in the house. When Adi returns home, he’s already frustrated with his work, he doesn’t have a patience or interest to listen to his old mom who has nobody to talk to the entire day.

Every single day, Suhasini used to make something interesting for Adi. His friends and colleagues used to love the lunch box prepared by Suhasini. Adi on the other hand, was never bothered about the food prepared by his mom. He used to have lunch at cafeteria with his girlfriend. Suddenly one day, Aditya was laid off by his employer. While Adi was searching for a job and going for interviews, suddenly one day his office friends showed up at his home. Everybody was praising Suhasini’s cooking, they also told how her son used to give the lunch box to them without even checking. Suhasini was overwhelmed with all the complements she received, at the same time she was hurt to learn about her son.

Suhasini offered to make lunch for 5-6 of Adi’s friends who loved her cooking so much. Cooking was a passion for her. She was really happy to make food for people who loved it. Adi too agreed to deliver the lunch boxes to his friends everyday before going for interviews.

The series had a really good first impression on me. A story of a mother and son- that’s definitely not something I come across every once in a while. While Suhasini’s passion for cooking was understandable, Aditya delivering the food to 6 of his friends was not realistic. Soon after this, few other people wanted to get lunch prepared by Suhasini. No matter how much she loves cooking, making food for 10 people for office without any help- that’s quite a lot of work which is not shown in the show. Finally at one point, his friends started offering money for the lunch. Meanwhile Aditya got a job in a small company with barely 10-15 employees. He didn’t like his new job at all.

One fine day, Aditya decided to quit his job and start a small tiffin-service business with his mom. Aditya was always under the impression that his mom didn’t understand anything about business. As they started to grow their tiffin service a little bit, Aditya and Suhasini’s disagreements began to increase. Suhasini still wanted to keep her cooking as authentic as possible even when the number of orders grew higher. Adi on the other hand wanted to take short-cuts at times.

Aditya discovered about a guy his mom used to write to and lost his mind first. He took her mother’s letter to his close friens Shreya. Shreya was a food blogger. Aditya got to know her because she wrote a critical review of Suhasini’s food. In order to chnage her opinion he brought her home. After meeting Suhasini, talking about food, their cultural history and having a homely meal- she couldn’t stop praising her. Shreya became a good friend to Aditya and she started helping to make their cooking venture successful. Shreya explained to Aditya that the guy might be a friend to his mom just like they were. Aditya didn’t spend much time with his mom and she didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Aditya couldn’t stand the guy because he thought that Suhasini had a romantic relationship with him- later he realized his mistake. He was just a good friend to Suhasini who knew her since quite a long time. Suhasini’s friend told Aditya how his mom struggled after his dad passed away, why she had to give up the family business to take care of him. After learning the truth, Aditya started respecting his mom even more.

The season end hinted about a romantic turn of Aditya and Shreya’s friendship and Aditya and Suhasini’s tiffin service getting some great contract…

While watching this, I couldn’t stop thinking about my own mom. She is a house wife too. We children never really pay much attention to how much our parents need us. We should listen to them more and try to understand what make them happy. There are days when I am so busy that I can’t make time to call my mom- so she keeps on messaging to be assured that I had food, my health is fine, there is no serious problem etc. A house-wife mom too has passion in life, which she lost in the ups and downs of her life. As children it’s our responsibility to bring our parents close to their passion, to help them live the life they once wished to live, to show gratitude and love- both in words and in action. This is the message that I derived from watching Mom and Co.

My Final Thoughts on ‘Mom and Co.’:

Overall, it was a good series. I really loved the character of Suhasini Devi. The relationship between a mother and son has been shown very beautifully. It’s not over-dramatic, except the last episode. On the last episode, Adi and Suhasini had to present their food in front of some professionals for a business contract. Suhasini and Adi kept on talking about their personal life in spite of focusing on the actual objective of the meeting. It seemed to get pretty preachy… Nevertheless watching Mom and Co. was a lovely experience, every episode has a good pace and the entire season was planned very well. Needless to say, I binge-watched season 1 in a day. Not sure if the production is in thought of making season 2 or not. I would say season 1 itself tells a complete story, even though it leaves possibilities to explore more, it did not necessarily create that urge in audience such for “what will happen next?”.

That’s all for today. Hope you liked it! 🙂 Check out more blogs on movies and web-series here.

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