China Bistro, Kondapur ~ Restaurant Review #198

Being a Bengali, makes it obvious to have a special place for Chinese food in the heart.
Being a food-lover community, it’s unacceptable for us to go out and return home without eating anything outside. Be it a movie or hanging out with friends or shopping with family- Chinese food has always made its way in the plan.
One point to note here is that the Chinese foods that I have grown up eating are mostly localized, it has adapted Indian techniques and flavors and is different from what you can get in China or other parts of the world like US, England etc…
In last few years I kind of lost my taste for Chinese and mostly avoided ordering Chinese food. But my recent visit to China Bistro has rejuvenated my childhood connection with Chinese food. Very recently, I have started posting regularly on Instagram about my food journey which helped me connecting with some professional food-bloggers. That’s how one day I got an invite from a food-blogger for a tasting session at China Bistro.
Let’s jump into the review now!
The Food:

0.1 Soup
Eight treasure chicken soup was loaded with veggies and chicken.

1.1 Starters (Veg)-
The veg starters that we tried are:
1. Veg basil dumpling
2. Asparagus tempura roll
3. South Asian cottage cheese
4. Crispy Thai lotus stem (Must Try)
Really liked the cottage cheese and lotus stem. The lotus stem was insanely crispy and sweet. If you don’t like sweet, it may not be appetizing for you.


1.2 Starters (Non-veg) –
The non-veg starters that we tried are:
1. Ginger Chicken Jiaozi (Must try)
2. Prawn Tempura Roll (Must try)
3. Barbecued Chicken Bao (Must try)
4. Fire roasted Mandarin chicken (Must try)
5. Pan fried chili fish (Must try)
I was really blown away the non-veg starters. It was hard to choose the best one…
Ginger chicken jiaozi is momo or dumpling. Lovely pink outside and juicy chicken inside- one of the best of its kind.
The crispiness of prawn tempura added a nice texture to the sushi.
The barbecued chicken bao was so delicate- the soft bread was just perfect to balance the spiciness of the chicken filling.
Mandarin chicken came with a mini barbecue of it’s own, the taste was amazing.
The fish starter was not less amazing than any of the above.


2.1 Main Course(veg)-
1. Assorted veg chili basil sauce
2. Veg dumpling in hot garlic sauce
2.2 Main Course(non-veg)-
1. Maos favorite chicken
2. Fish in sichuan sauce (Must try)
2.3 Main Course (rice/noodles)-
1. Japanese wheat noodles
2. Nasi goreng (Must try)
3. Lemon grass fried rice
The main course were nice as well. The fish dish stole the show again. The nasi goreng and lemon grass fried rice are worth mentioning.
3. Mocktails
Apart from that there were varieties of mocktails-
1. Watermelon cilantro crush
2. Orange Piroska
3. Virgin Mojito
4. Coffee mocha
5. Kiwi delight
I was amazed to see the presentation of the mocktails. It tasted refreshing. Just a small suggestion- to use less sugar syrup which can kill the appetite.
Just in case you are thinking there is no way we had desserts, you are completely wrong buddy.
4. Desserts
In desserts we tried-
1. Buddha’s fu (Must try)
2. Chocolate tsunami
Buddha’s Fu is the most epic dessert presentation that I have seen till date. You can see the video here.
Apart from that they served us really cool pallet cleanser and Jasmine tea in between. I just can’t get over it!
Ambiance and service:
The ambiance is really nice- built around a theme that identifies with the brand.
The staff was really nice and friendly.
We met the very talented chef Mr. Santa Chhetri and thanked him cooking all these incredibly tasty dinner for us.
Overall Rating-
Food – 4.5/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 4/5
[I would like to visit them again as a regular customer and share my experience in the same space.]
That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.
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