Barbeque Pride, Hitech City ~ Restaurant Review #199

Barbeque Pride, is one of those restaurants I have been before and I had really good experience.
[Read Barbeque Pride, Jubilee Hills Review here.]
When it comes to dining out with my friends and family I really don’t want to repeat restaurants ’cause 1. I go out only once or twice a month for eating and 2. there are plenty of other restaurants that I want to try out and share my experience with y’all.
I have been to Barbeque Pride, Jubilee Hills almost a year back. You can read about that here.
Barbeque Pride, Hitech City is the easiest to find out from the main road.

The Buffet Menu:
1.1 Starters (Non-veg)
1. Tandoori Chicken – This was fine. Chicken was properly cooked and tender.
2. Banana leaf wrapped fish fillet cooked in steam- This is a popular delicacy of Bengal, we call in Paturi. The main concept is the fish is massaged with spices like mustard paste, yogurt etc and then wrapped in a banana leaf. Then it the wrapped fish can be fried or steamed. It’s a beautiful dish. I was surprised to see chef’s take on paturi and make something similar. The spices were not same but it was cooked in the same way.
3. Prawn in skewer – Good as always
4. Mutton sheek kebab – Dry and blunt
5. Chicken hara bhara kebab – Chicken kebab in mint based spice – this was good.
1.2 Starters (Veg)-
1. Crispy Corn – My personal favorite, it tasted good as before.
2. Mushrooms – Spice wasn’t well distributed
3. Cottage Cheese – This was fine
4. Pineapple and watermelon – This was fine.
5. Veg Galouti Kebab – Melted in the mouth, too good it was.
6. Cheesy potato in cajun spice – One of the classics, perfectly prepped.
Over-all the starters were good. I would rate them as 4 out of 5
2. Main course-
In my opinion their main course spread is quite versatile. Usually people eat the starters and the desserts and nibble on the main course. But that strategy is gonna fail if the main too is as good as this.
2.1.1 Indian Section (Non-veg)
1. Chicken Dum Biriyani – Classic Hyderabadi style dum biriyani
2. Mutton Sujila Gosht – Mutton curry, tasted like home-style mutton kosha
3. Chicken Nawabi Handi – Chicken curry
4. Crab Masala – Crab gravy
5. Fish Bharta – It was minced fish dish cooked in whole lot of Indian spice. This was different and good [Must Try]
2.1.2 Indian Section (Veg)

6. Navaratna Pulao – A sweet rice preparation that is loaded with colorful veggies, looks appetizing and tastes amazing with spicy curry to balance the sweetness [Must Try]
7. Kadhai Paneer – A classic cottage cheese gravy that can’t go wrong.
8. Gongura Rice – A rice preparation cooked in south Indian style.
9. Veg Handi – Indian style mixed vegetable curry
10. Rajma – Red kidney beans, consumed mostly with plain rice. The duo is popular as “Rajma-chawal” in all over India.
11. Lehsuni Palak – Spinach Puree cooked in different spices with a hint of garlic. One of the best thing in the veg main course menu[Must Try]
12. Dum Aloo Punjabi – Classic potato curry that soothes the soul of a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian.
13. Dal Tadka – Lentil tampered with various whole spices.
14. Sambar – South Indian dish
15. Plain Rice
As per the taste, the Indian section of the main course was the best with respect to taste and quality
I would rate this 4 out of 5.

Chinese Section

2.2.1 Chinese Section (Veg)-
1. Baby Corn Chili
2. Chili Garlic Noodles
3. Veg Fried Rice

2.2.2 Chinese Section (Veg)-
1. Chicken Manchurian
2. Chicken Hakka Noodles
3. Egg fried rice

The rice/noodles were good but the gravy did not look appetizing at all.
I would rate this 3 out of 5.

Italian Section

2.3.1 Italian Section (Non-Veg)-
1. Chicken Pasta in white sauce
2. Spaghetti Bolognese
2.3.2 Italian Section (Veg)-
1. Penne Pasta in Red sauce
2. Mushroom Lasagna
3. Wish-grill Pizza (veg and non-veg both)
Italian section too was just okayish.
I would rate this 2.5 out of 5.

3. Dessert
1. Gulab jamun
2. Coconut Slice Cake
3. Chocolate Brownie
4. Fruit custard
5. Badam Phirni
6. Black forest
7. Pastry
8. Fresh cut fruits –
watermelon and Papaya
9. Ice cream – Vanilla, Chocolate and butter-scotch with topping options
Among this, the gulab jamun, the black forest mini pastries and the ice-cream were good. Rest were average in taste.
I would rate this 3.5 out of 5.
Apart from these, there was pani-puri, salad section, curd rice etc. You can have mocktails which would be charged separately from the buffet.
Ambiance and staff:
Ambiance is really nice. It’s perfect for hanging out with a big group of people, party and birthday celebrations.
Staff was really nice. They were prompt at our service and also asking if the spice level was fine for us.

All of these food cost us 570 INR per head.
Over-all Rating for Barbeque Pride, Hitech City-
Food – 4/5
Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value for money – 5/5

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!
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