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Palato is one of those restaurants I saw in several food bloggers feed and wanted to visit for long time. Finally I found a great deal on Dine-out and visited with my friends on a Friday night.
what I learnt from the zomato reviews is that, it has quite a lot of varieties on its buffet menu. To be honest, it’s kind of hard to get a versatile menu in affordable price range. Once you have visited Absolute Barbeque and Barbeque Nation, you will not get impressed with the regular buffets… So Palato was a change for me in that context.
I asked 2 of my friends to join me for the dinner. Since they were late, I took all my time to roam around and click some photos.
Palato Dinner Buffet Menu: (Price 700 INR)
The welcome drink:
As soon as we got our table, me and my friend were served with the 2 beautiful welcome drinks. I think it was lemon juice with strawberry syrup… Not too sweet, not too sour- just perfect.
There were two types of soup-veg and non-veg
1. Tomato-basil soup
2. Chicken and lentil soup – This was good!

1. Peri peri chicken, 2. Mexican Chicken Chili
These were really good, perfectly cooked chicken with mild spice level.
3. Honey Chili Wings– Fine.
4. Fish Tempura- Unlike most restaurants, the fish quality was quite good here. It was a bit salted for my taste.
5. Prawn Fritters- They served us the prawn version of KFC style fried chicken which was really cool.
6. Veg Spring roll- Spring rolls are not my personal favorite but they have done a decent job.
7. Creamy Broccoli- There was a broccoli dish which was cooked in a white sauce base… It looked very good but it had a overpowering flavor of cardamoms which turned me off.
8. Garden Veg and 9. Chicken Ragout (Thin Crust Pizzas)– They served both veg and non-veg thin crust pizza in starters. That was too good. I am not telling that it’s the best pizza in town but it was a good deal for the buffet.
10. Cheese tarts and Pitas- These stole the show in my opinion. They served us tiny little tart shells with veg and non-veg toppings- It was just amazing. Also there were mini version of pita breads with interesting toppings. We couldn’t get a repeat for those but they were the best thing of the menu.
11. Veg and non-veg Dimsums- Fine.
Main course:
The main course wasn’t overwhelming as the starters and that’s fair. Most of it was okayish.
1. Paneer Tagine
2. Thai Green Curry
3. Veg Noodles
4. Veg Lasagna – Couldn’t find lasagna sheet or cheese. The inside was more like a stew and runny. The taste was good but need improvements w.r.t. lasagna.
5. Mac n Cheese – Creamy and cheesy. This was really nice.
6. Jasmine Rice – Flavored Rice, not my personal favorite
7. Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken) – Seemed like a chicken pulao
8. Thai Red Curry
9. Chicken Meatballs

If you don’t want to fill your stomach with all these main-courses, you can build your own salad…
The available salad options were:
pickled cucumber, pickled cabbage, pickled onions, mixed fruits, onions, carrot and beetroot roast, tomatoes, zucchini slice, egg salad, grilled chicken breast, paneer sashlik, boiled chana (chickpeas).
Here comes the best part of the menu.
I have never seen so much of varieties in bread section before…
They had milk bread, brown bread, focaccia bread, cheese dip, garlic bread knots, tiny buns!

In desserts they had
1. chocolate cake,
2. berry cake,
3. steaming hot brownie,
4. white mousse with berries,
5. macrons,
6. mohalabia,
7. panacota,
8. strawberry and 9. green apple ice-creams.
The desserts were too good. All of the things looked and tasted fresh and it satisfied my soul!
I haven’t had such green apple ice-cream (that too of such a good quality) in buffet before.
Ambiance and staff:
The ambiance is simplistic. It’s more appropriate for hanging out with your friends and colleagues. There was live music which added more beauty to it.
The staff was really nice with us, quick at service and open for our feedback.
I would rate my overall experience at Palato as 4.5/5.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading.
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