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ittle Things is a beautiful web-series produced by Dice Media. I came across the series in YouTube last year. I found it so good that I binge-watched the whole season 1 in a couple of days. The season 2 is not available in YouTube. You can find it on Netflix.
The main characters are Dhruv and Kavya. They are in a live-in relationship. Dhruv is a maths-grad who teaches maths online and also works in a small company. Kavya works in good company and earns decent salary. There’s not much of a story line… Each episode focuses on a day or a small event of their life.
The series has a fresh feel to it and it is something which a lot of youngsters from India can relate to. The everyday struggles in a relationship where the guy is earning less than the girl and Kavya fully supporting Dhruv in all way possible- that’s really different from what we often see in TV and movies. While Kavya supports Dhruv, she’s still concerned to have a secured future with him, for which she works too hard.
There’s an episode where Kavya’s mother came to meet her in their flat. Dhruv took her to a tour of the city and came to know some embarassing truth of her life. He still didn’t judge her and showed full respect. Like any boyfriend, Dhruv too felt a little bit uncomfortable around Kavya’s mother first but that day he really came to her as a person and developed a bond of trust with her.
In another episode, Dhruv’s childhood friend came to meet him. Dhruv was disgusted to find that his friend was not progressive enough w.r.t time. He was not willing to let Kavya pay the bill. I really loved the conversation between Dhruv and Kavya, where Dhruv didn’t want to have any connection with his childhood friend who grew up to be so different. Kavya explained why the person still held value in his life and he shouldn’t be giving up on his friendship just because they see the world very differently.
In one episode they fight with each other and both of them burst out the things they had been bottling up so far. Every relationship has problems and challenges. But how after every fight one partner approaches the other one and still continue to have a healthy conversation- that’s the actual deal.
Final note: It’s not about the story-line- the journey is better than the destination in this case. I am not sure where Dhruv and Kavya’s story is heading towards but I am enjoying the “little things” of their life.

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