Family friendly Review of Fifty Shades Darker #195

Last weekend I was feeling so bored and indecisive that I ended up watching Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix. This is the second movie after Fifty Shades of Grey.
The first movie I watched before graduation, that too because my friends insisted me to do so, “Cookie, you have to watch this movie!”
I watched it but didn’t feel like I would have missed the greatest movie in the world if I hadn’t watched it… I would write my thoughts on that movie another time.
Background– Since I haven’t written any blog on the first movie, here’s a little background to give you some context!
Anastatia Steele was a simple girl who fell in love with a Billionaire named Christian Grey. Like any other story, Ana wasn’t into Christian because of his money and fame and good looks! First it all looked romantic- Christian taking Ana to helicopter ride, buying her fancy shit- but their relationship was really weird. Grey made Ana sign a contract with all rules and regulations. Grey had a secret room (referred as Red Room) in the movie where he performed all sorts of BDSM on his partner. He had built a wall around himself, he never explained why he was like that and why he needed to do all that…For first few days Ana enjoyed being with him and then she realized that it was not working out at all and she broke up with him and left.
Now coming to the next movie-
The movie starts with Ana’s life after the breakup. Her good friend who was photographer invited her over a photo exhibition. Turned out that her friend secretly clicked some pics of her and those were exhibited as well. Somebody bought all of her photos. Guess who? See, you don’t even have to try too hard here!
It was none other than the greatest billionaire in the world, Christian. He couldn’t move on from Ana after she left. He was still keeping track of everything she was doing. He was regretful for his behavior towards her. First Ana tried to pretend careless but she melted quicker than ice-cream when Grey said nice words to her. She agreed to move in with him again but with a condition that Christian had to open up about his past.
Christian confessed himself as a sadist which means he derived pleasure other hurting other people (women in this case). He told about his biological mother who was a drug addict and died in drug overdose. The movie hinted about his father abusing his mother… but it didn’t really explain why. Christian’s strange behavior was still not justified to me. On the other hand, Ana was going GaGa on Christian again… She made her way back to the red room and this time she wanted to try “new things” with him. While the relationship was about to be normal again Christian’s past girlfriends kept coming in their way. Ana’s boss Jack Hyde, a total creep, tried to molest her and she barely escaped the situation.
Fifty Shades of Darker ends with Grey proposing Ana and celebrating with his family and somewhere Jack Hyde making plans to take revenge- a clear indication to have a sequel that nobody asked for… Fifty Shades Freed.
My Reaction and thoughts-
Grey’s weird behavior was still not properly explained in the 2 movies- which is something I would have asked for. Ana is unbelievable as well. I really don’t understand what she sees in Christian. If not money or looks, what else does he have? As a normal person it is difficult for me to understand why Ana is so much mad about him! The movie answered a few questions though from the first part… like why Christian didn’t sleep with his partner etc.
The movie repeatedly wanted to prove a point … Ana is not into Christian’s money! Fine! I get it. Just I don’t see enough reasons to justify that!
If you want to see some dirty action, Fifty Shades Darker is gonna disappoint you in that aspect as well! IDK, I had to get that out of my system 😀

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That’s all for today! Thanks for reading.

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