Is ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ better or worse than its Prequel? #195

Last weekend I was so bored and indecisive that I watched Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix. This is the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, which my friends insisted I watch before graduation. I did, but it wasn’t like missing out on the greatest movie in the world if I hadn’t seen it. I’ll write my thoughts about that movie another time.

Background– Since I haven’t written any blog on the first movie, here’s a little background to give you some context!
Anastasia Steele was a simple girl who fell in love with billionaire Christian Grey. Not because of his money, fame, or good looks – but for the romance: helicopter rides and fancy gifts. However, their relationship was strange; Christian made Ana sign a contract with all rules and regulations. And there was the Red Room – where he performed BDSM on his partner – that he never explained why he needed to do it. At first Ana enjoyed being with him, but soon she realized it wasn’t working out and left him behind.

Now coming to the next movie-
The movie begins with Ana’s life after the breakup. Her photographer friend invited her to a photo exhibition, which turned out to feature secretly taken pictures of her; someone bought them all. Can you guess who? No need to strain!

Christian, the world’s greatest billionaire, couldn’t get over Ana after she left. He kept track of her every move and regretted his behavior towards her. At first, Ana tried to act indifferent but melted when Grey said kind words to her. She agreed to move in with him again on one condition: that Christian share his past with her.

Christian confessed he was a sadist, which means he enjoyed hurting other people (women in this case). He told of his biological mother, a drug addict who died from an overdose. The movie hinted at his father abusing his mother, but it didn’t explain why. Christian’s strange behavior still wasn’t justified to me. On the other hand, Ana returned to the red room and wanted to try “new things” with him. As their relationship started normalizing again, Christian’s past girlfriends kept getting in their way. Ana’s boss Jack Hyde—a total creep—tried to molest her, but she managed to escape the situation.

Fifty Shades of Darker ends with Grey proposing to Ana and celebrating with his family, while Jack Hyde makes plans for revenge—a clear indication that a sequel nobody asked for is coming: Fifty Shades Freed.

My Reaction and thoughts-
Grey’s strange behavior was still not explained in the two movies, which I would have liked. Ana is incredible too. I don’t understand what she finds attractive about Christian. If it’s not money or looks, then what does he have? As a regular person, it’s hard for me to comprehend why Ana is so enamored with him! The movie did answer some questions from the first part though, like why Christian didn’t sleep with his partner.

The movie repeatedly tried to prove a point: Ana isn’t interested in Christian’s money. Okay, I understand. But I don’t see enough justification for that. If you’re looking for some steamy scenes, Fifty Shades Darker won’t satisfy you either! Anyway, had to get that off my chest 🙂

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading.

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