Love Per Square Foot – A Netflix Original Indian Film #193

Love Per Square Foot is a Netflix original Indian film with a plot that is too relatable! First I watched its promo on Instagram, I really liked the fresh look of it but I didn’t have Netflix back then. Months later when I finally got my hands on Netflix I had to search for it ’cause Vicky Kaushal!!! (SCREAMING!)
The main characters of the movie are Sanjay Chaturvedi (played by Vicky Kaushal) and Karina D’souza (played by Angira Dhar).
Sanjay, an young IT engineer, comes from a typical middle-class family in Mumbai, India. His father worked as a Railway Announcer. Sanjay lives with his parents in a small flat provided by the Indian Railway. Forget about having the luxury of a personal room, Sanjay has a small bed in common hall-room. Whenever guests come, his place shifts to the floor while the guest sleep on the bed. Don’t know about you guys but I can relate to this…I have spent most of my life in a tiny flat with my parents… I didn’t have a “study room” or a room for that matter. I had to share bed with my elder sister. I used to read loudly, for which we could never be in the same room for study.
I used to sit on the dining table in front of the TV with my books. So we had to always adjust the study time, the dinner time and when to watch TV… There’s a lot of adjustments in a middle-class family. Watching the movie reminded me of all those struggles!
Coming to the movie again- for all the obvious inconvenience of living with parents and that too in a very small place, Sanjay desperately wanted to buy a place for his own and move out. He worked in IT dept of a bank with decent salary. But getting even a tiny flat in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is pretty difficult with just “decent salary”. He applied for a home loan in the same bank but it got rejected.
The loan was rejected by the female lead of the story, Karina. She lived with her single mother in small place which too was in terrible condition. She too wanted a home of her own- not a luxurios one… a small and cozy flat.
Meanwhile Jeevan Sathi, a popular match-making website started promoting for some offer that a married couple could win a chance to buy a flat in a good location. Now the problem is, Sanjay’s salary would not allow him home loan from any bank. But if he could apply for a joint loan, his request would be approved.
So Sanjay and Karina thought of applying for the loan together and also applying for the lucky bumper of Jeevan Sathi. But the deal was meant only for the married couples and they found out some loophole in the process and thought of getting away with it without actually tying the knot for lifetime.
Now came the second problem…The families came to know the half truth and they were traumatized because Sanjay was Hindu, Brahmin (Brahmins marry only with the same caste) and Karina was not of same caste, not same religion… She was Christian.
On one hand trying to understand each other’s feelings and buy the house of their dream and on the other hand convincing the families and take their permission and blessings- the entire thing is put in the movie in a very enjoyable manner. I was interested to watch the movie because of Vicky Kaushal (*blush blush*) but enjoyed the movie genuinely because of its funny and relatable plot.
PS- The movie is in Hindi but you can have the subtitles ON. It’s fun movie to watch with your friend on a Friday night.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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