Love Per Square Foot – A Netflix Original Indian Film #193

I love “Love Per Square Foot”—it’s a Netflix original Indian film with a plot that’s so relatable! I first saw the promo on Instagram and was immediately drawn to its fresh look. But at the time, I didn’t have Netflix. So months later, when I finally got it, I searched for the movie—because Vicky Kaushal!!! (SCREAMING!) Sanjay Chaturvedi is played by Vicky Kaushal and Karina D’Souza is played by Angira Dhar.

Sanjay, a young IT engineer, comes from a typical middle-class family in Mumbai, India. His father worked as a Railway Announcer. Sanjay lives with his parents in a small flat provided by the Indian Railway. He doesn’t have the luxury of having his own room; instead he has to share a bed in the common hall-room. When guests come over, he has to move to the floor while they sleep on the bed.

I can relate to this—I spent most of my life in an apartment with my parents and had to share a bed with my elder sister. We couldn’t be together for studying because I used to read aloud! I used to sit at the dining table in front of the TV with my books. We had to juggle study time, dinner time and when to watch TV. There’s a lot of juggling in a middle-class family. The movie reminded me of all those struggles!

Sanjay desperately wanted to buy a place and move out, for the obvious inconveniences of living with his parents in a small space. He worked in the IT department of a bank with a decent salary, but getting even a tiny flat in Mumbai–the financial capital of India–is hard with just “decent” pay. His application for a home loan from the same bank was rejected.

Karina, the female lead of the story, rejected the loan. She and her single mother lived in a small, terrible place and Karina wanted her own home—not luxurious, but small and cozy. Meanwhile, Jeevan Sathi—a popular match-making website—promoted an offer where a married couple could win a chance to buy a flat in a good location. Sanjay’s salary wouldn’t allow him to get a home loan from any bank alone; however, if he applied for a joint loan his request would be approved.

Sanjay and Karina considered applying for a loan together and entering the lucky bumper of Jeevan Sathi. However, the deal was only for married couples. They found a loophole in the process and thought they could get away with it without getting married.

The families now faced a second issue: they learned only half the truth and were traumatized because Sanjay was Hindu, Brahmin—who typically marry within their caste—and Karina was not of the same caste or religion; she was Christian.

On one hand, trying to understand each other’s feelings and buy their dream house, and on the other convincing families and getting their permission and blessings – the entire thing is presented in a very enjoyable manner in the movie. I was interested to watch it because of Vicky Kaushal (*blush blush*), but genuinely enjoyed it due to its funny and relatable plot.

PS- The movie is in Hindi but you can have the subtitles ON. It’s fun movie to watch with your friend on a Friday night.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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