Article 15 ~ Is it too dark or too real for a movie? #192

The movie “Article 15” is based on the actual article 15 of Indian Constitution. It’s a fundamental right that prohibits discrimination by the state against any citizen on the basis of caste, race, religion, sex and place of birth.
The story starts with an young IPS Officer Ayan Ranjan getting transfer to a remote village of Uttar Pradesh for talking casually to his senior officer. Ayan is sharp and bright and has the zeal to excel in his work. He has a girlfriend from his college, named Aditi. Ayan’s character is played by Ayushmann Khurrana (my favorite, ahem!) and Aditi is Isha Talwar.
Ayan and Aditi are not in a lovey-dovey relationship. Aditi is a social activist and journalist (probably). They had very different approach to the social problems. From the beginning of the movie, there are few small talks between Ayan and Aditi over phone.
At some point, Ayan asked Aditi “You want a hero, right?”
And Aditi replied, “I don’t want a hero… I want someone who doesn’t wait for the hero…”
The statement seems simple but has so much power in it which I will bring again later…
The moment Ayan started his duty, he started seeing many mysterious things to happen. 3 young girls went missing and the local police was unwilling to write a report for the case. First Ayan was told that the villagers (intended for lower caste people by the speaker) were never to be taken seriously. Young boys and girls elope from home and come back after few days or few months. 2 of the girls were found dead and the 3rd girl was still missing.
After taking a deeper look into the case, Ayan understood that there was definitely a dark side of this story. He could not save the 2 girls but determined the 3rd girl who was still missing. The young girls used to work as labours and as they demanded 3 Rs increase in the daily wage (from 25 Rs to 28 Rs), the contractor along with his people kidnapped the girls, tortured and raped them and hung them alive from the tree.
All these for 3 freaking Rupees. As the investigation went on, Ayan found how some policemen, political persons were involved as well… They were trying with all their power to stop Ayan and his trust-worthy force.
The movie also shows the sufferings of the people from lower caste and how they experience discrimination in day to day life from rest of the society… Those poor guys don’t even know there is something like article 15, that law is for protecting them.
In the span of 2 hours, it will be wrong to expect a complete social reform by the brave and dutiful IPS officer Ayan, rather you can expect what a normal human being can do in the best of his abilities. I would not spoil the movie ending- go, watch it by yourself.
There are scenes in the movie that will wrench your heart, it doesn’t have songs and dances but it has a really good core message.
Is it based on true story or work of pure fiction? I don’t know… There are many people having different interpretation of the movie from political point or other… As a normal viewer this is my take-away from the movie, “No matter how bad the situation is, you should always try to make things better. Or put differently, the change begins with you.”
Now coming to what Aditi told Ayan…Till that time Ayan used to think that Aditi (or maybe the rest of the world) wants and needs someone with unnatural power and strength. But that’s not true… The world needs people who aren’t constantly looking for someone to shift the responsibility to save the world, rather who can use all of their strength to do something good.

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