Fidaa ~ Movie Review #188

After moving to Hyderabad and living here for almost 3 year, finally watched a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi.
In the dubbed version it doesn’t have any songs… so what I watched is just the story without songs which would not contribute to the story anyway.
Fidaa means flattered… After reading the blog, you can decide by yourself if the name goes with the movie or not.
There are a lot of Tamil and Telugu master-pieces which my Bengali and Hindi speaking friends watched when we were in college. Some of the movies gained so much popularity that they were remade in different languages. Popular or not, I did not watch any Tamil/Telugu movies before.
The story starts with Bhanumati, a simple fun-loving girl living in a village. She is playful as a kid and always running here and there.
Bhanumati or Bhanu’s role is played by Sai Pallavi… Unlike Bollywood divas, she looks very simple and fits so perfectly in her character. Bhanu lives with her elder sister Renuka, her father and aunt (father’s sister).
A guy from US, named Raju, visited their home for arranged marriage with Renuka.
I don’t know why people are so obsessed with the characters returning from US. What do you guys think about it?
Coming to the characters again, Renuka is well-educated girl with a master’s degree, respects the elders, nice and polite- just the ideal girl. Raju is a nice and well-behaved guy too. They didn’t talk much on that day since Raju got very nervous talking with girl but it was a good beginning.
Raju doesn’t have parents and he has two younger brothers… Varun (starred by Vanun Tej) and Bijju, a little kid whom their mother adopted.
For final decision Raju wanted his brother Varun to visit to the girls’ house.
It was already a yes for Raju, just he wanted his brother to be present and support him in his decision.Everything happened pretty fast… Raju with his two younger brothers had to return to US within 7 days and Raju wanted to marry Renuka and take her too with them.
Don’t know about other countries and other cultures but for an Indian marriage, 7 days are too less to arrange everything.
Despite all the inconvenience, Raju’s father and aunt agreed for the marriage as Renuka would be glad to marry Raju…The movie doesn’t really show how Renuka develops such a strong feeling for Raju… they just got married in the matter of 7 days after meeting forthe first time and sails for USA. Some people would say, “because, money! because, US citizenship!” Well, we are not going in that direction today.
Coming to main characters now… Bhanu and Varun… They became “good friends” in the occassion of their elder sibling’s marriage… Bhanu also expressed her wish to stay in her village after her marriage. She wanted to express her feelings to Varun on the day they were heading back to USA but some misunderstanding happened.
Varun’s female friend appeared out of nowhere in the wedding and Varun was suspiciously busy with her all the time… Bhanu took that girl as his girlfriend and stayed silent. After moving to USA, Varun tried to contact her multiple times but Bhanu did not respond… Ultimately he proposed her on whatsapp message. (seriously why?? That is the worst possible way to propose someone!)
Out of rage, Bhanu responded with photo of a shoe with no words.
She rejected only because she was upset for all the misunderstanding…
At this point, Varun was wondering about Bhanu…
Have you felt this for a friend… like you guys are too close, both have feelings more than friends but unless the other person hasn’t said it loud…you are in doubt if he/she likes you the same way you do…
Bhanu hid her feelings completely and took pic with her “hot” neighbour. This dude studied in US, came back to his village to start a business… He is rich, he is charming and probably a fool. He was kind of a celebrity in that place… He sents a formal marriage proposal for Bhanu and she accepted it…
They also had the engagement rituals… Bhanu sent the pics to Varun and his heart was shattered in million pieces… Upset with Bhanu’s behavior, Varun pretended to have a girl too! This all are so goddamn stupid!
I shouldn’t be complaining because I used to watch a lot of bollywood movies long back… and I found no logic at all. Since now the main characters are distracted and wasted a lot of time, it was time to find an excuse to unite them and finish with a happy ending in 2.5 hour movie.
Renuka got pregnant and she fell really sick. Her father asked Bhanu to go to US to take care of her sister… As far as I remember that she was in college when Renuka got married… I am not really sure, what exactly she was doing at that time… studying? doing a job? enjoying life just like that?
One more question how did the visa part get sorted out within 7 days for Renuka?
I have so many questions!
Anyway, Bhanu flies to USA and now they all were living in the same the house… Bhanu brought happiness and joy and some more drama…
Finally Varun’s realized her feelings for him and suprised her at her village with a marriage proposal and promise to live with her in India…
The movie ends with Bhanu running to her love of life standing amongst the paddy fields…
Final Note: The movie was not something to create sensation yet very much enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the village soothed my eyes… the characters looked very natural and relatable. There is one song “Vachinde”, which has over 200 million views on YouTube… It’s a catchy song with nice video!
Now the most important question: Will I watch more Telugu movies from now on?
The movie are not shown with English subtitles… so that is one point.
I wouldn’t mind to watch some Telugu movies dubbed in hindi or subtitled…! So there’s a chance you’ll see Telugu movie review again in this space!

Credit : Photo by Jaggu Dada on Unsplash

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